P!NK; Photos Courtesy of RCA Records/YouTube
P!NK; Photos Courtesy of RCA Records/YouTube

P!NK Transforms Grocery Store Into A Disco Dance Party In Music Video For Lively New Single “Never Gonna Not Dance Again”

P!NK transforms the drab world of running errands into a disco dance party in her new single and video “Never Gonna Not Dance Again,” which dropped Friday (Nov 4).

The uplifting video opens with P!nk bubblegum-blowing in a grocery store, strolling down the aisles of grim shoppers and boosting their spirits with her dazzling presence. The three-time Grammy Award-winner sports a sparkling hot-pink top and rainbow shorts, referencing her “dancing shoes” throughout the song as her pink and blue roller skates.

P!nk is then joined by a couple of back-up skaters (one of them posed as a grocery butcher) as she rolls down the dairy aisle belting the catchy chorus produced by Max Martin and Shellback, “I’m never gonna not dance again.”

While the pop singer shows off her skilled dance moves and impressive coordination, the track exhibits a disco feel with a modern twist, diving into a funk guitar rhythm and jutting baseline, making it nearly impossible not to jump in and dance.

Shortly after paying for her groceries and planting the joy back into the cashier, P!nk heads out to the parking lot to hop into a food truck for an outfit change, upgrading her skates to a pair of sneakers. It’s all eyes on P!nk as she solo dances in the lot, catching the attention of all the boring folk.

The high-energy scene lures the parking lot audience back into the grocery store when the building loses power for a split second, just to turn back on again with neon lights and hanging disco balls. The store soon turns into a dance club, starring all the characters of the video flaunting their best moves. Things get wild as confetti flies through the room and an alpaca makes an appearance!

“I’m never gonna not dance again / I’m never gonna not dance again / Oh I just wanna pop and lock to my records / There go all of my clothes / Never gonna not dance again,” the pop superstar sings on the tune’s chorus. 

Watch P!NK’s “Never Gonna Not Dance Again” Music Video Below.

The cheerful video and song is P!nk’s second release of the year, arriving only a few months after her last single “Irrelevant,” which she dropped with only a day’s notice directly responding to the societal issues running rampant in the United States— specifically the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Before that, she put out her live album, All I Know So Far: Setlist, which featured tracks like “Cover Me In Sunshine” with her daughter Willow and “All I Know So Far.”

The Pennsylvania native teased the single’s release a week earlier on social media with a vintage-inspired commercial skit for a “spicy as f—” snack she calls “Vicious Bitches Chips’es.”

“Are you tired of basic b—- chips?” P!nk asks. “Here at Vicious Bitches Chips’es, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind signature spice that might just make you s— your pants.”

The satirical advertisement features P!nk wearing a red apron trying the chips herself as she nearly falls over from the spice content. The ending scene even comes with a phone number for fans to call to win a free sample.

The “Raise Your Glass” hitmaker is set to perform the single live for the first time at the 2022 American Music Awards later this month.

She announced the performance in a tweet on Monday, “Guess who’s hitting the @AMAs stage?! Get out your dancing shoes!”


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