Walker Hayes, Photo by Andrew Wendowski; Walker Hayes & Dog, Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Walker Hayes, Photo by Andrew Wendowski; Walker Hayes & Dog, Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Walker Hayes Tributes “The Best Dog I Ever Had” In Unreleased New Song “That Dog’ll Hunt”

Walker Hayes recently announced the release date of his song, “That Dog’ll Hunt,” which will honor his late dog Skeeter and give insight into his life growing up. Inspired by Hayes’ beloved pet that has unfortunately passed, the enthusiastic lyrics and upbeat tempo gives the song nothing but life. 

The “Fancy Like” singer took to social media to share a few throwback photos of him and Skeeter and in the caption, he revealed that the song will drop later this month. 

“Y’all this is Skeeter. The best dog I ever had. We will be singing about him together on 8/26,” he wrote on Instagram, adding hashtag, “That Dog’ll Hunt.”

In July, Hayes posted a teaser of the fast-paced song from his in-home studio. While he’s jamming out, he turns the camera to his family members who are also dancing and singing along to the upbeat track in the kitchen. 

One user commented on the video saying, “Can’t wait to listen to it without dancing!”

During a show at the Cattaraugus County Fair this summer, Hayes gave the audience a bit of background on the storyline of his upcoming release. 

“I hate it when I go to concerts and they say, ‘hey, we got some new music for y’all’ because I’m like, ‘man, I didn’t come to hear the new music, I came to hear the hits,’ but I do wanna share a song with ya’ll thats coming out August 26. This song I actually wrote way before ‘Fancy Like’ and all that stuff. It’s one of my kid’s favorites and really I think the reason they love it is it’s got a dog bark in it…it’s called ‘That Dog Will Hunt.'”

He added, “Where I grew up, if you took a bite of a burger and it was good, you said, ‘that dog will hunt.’ If a really pretty girl walked by and you saw her, you were like, ‘that dog will hunt.’ If you caught a big fish, it was, ‘boom! That dog will hunt.’ We just said that all the time, so I wrote a song about it and it’s kinda in honor of an old dog of mine named Skeeter. He was a blood hound and I’m not gonna tell you how he died cause it was kinda said, but he was a good dog and he’s in here.”

Before performing the new song, Hayes also took the time to share some words of gratitude for those in attendance. 

“My team and my family, we’re experiencing a season of growth and man it is good. We love it. Our music’s getting out there and getting spread far and wide. I love just getting to see this part of the country. I’m from Mobil, AL, didn’t really go far growing up so it’s nice to be here and we had a good day today, it was beautiful today. So thank you, seriously, thanks for buying a ticket, thanks for bringing your family.”

“That Dog’ll Hunt” will follow Hayes’ single, “Y’all Life,” which describes the stereotypes of American life. The song also encourages listeners to live in the moment and appreciate both the good and the bad that comes, like leaving your gaudy Christmas decor up for too long. In the opening lyrics, Hayes revealed that he has even fallen victim to this.

He sings, “Small town, y’all town, double dutch in the park/Ice cream truck failing that emissions test hard/Got that blow up Grinch in the yard and it’s March/Ain’t coming down anytime soon.”

Walker Hayes’ highly-anticipated release “That Dog’ll Hunt” is set to drop August 26.

Hayes’ next scheduled performance is in Lewisburg, WV at the State Fair of West Virginia on August 20. 

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