Scotty McCreery; Photo Courtesy of John Shearer
Scotty McCreery; Photo Courtesy of John Shearer

Scotty McCreery Reflects On Winning ‘American Idol’ 10 Years Later, Offers Chayce Beckham Advice

Scotty McCreery is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of his American Idol win.

On May 25, 2011, McCreery won the popular singing competition show and now ten years later he is reflecting on his big Idol win and what he would tell his younger self.

“Yeah, well, first off it is pretty crazy, I’ve kind of been looking back at videos already this morning reminiscing on it,” McCreery exclusively told Music Mayhem. “I don’t know, I probably would’ve told myself to maybe slow down and enjoy the moment. Everything doesn’t have to be so perfect. I was very focused on making sure every little thing was going to be perfect, instead of just living in the now like I probably should’ve been living back then, so it’s stop and smell the roses for sure.”

The country superstar also commented that it’s “awesome” to share the same anniversary date of May 25 with fellow superstar Carrie Underwood, who won the show just six years prior to his win.

Re-live McCreery’s Idol win in the video below.

In addition to reflecting on his momentous Idol win, McCreery also offered advice to the 2021 Idol winner Chayce Beckham.

“Me and my wife [Gabi] were traveling back from New Orleans, we had a family wedding down there, so we were watching on the plane but we were watching,” McCreery recalled to Music Mayhem. “So, I was excited for Chayce and the only thing [that] I’d tell him, I mean he’s great, he’s got an incredible voice and an incredible talent. Just really focus on that first record, take your time with it. I feel like for me, I had to make my record in like two months and I had no clue what I was doing, so, I just say take your time and make sure that you got songs that you believe in and I think he’s going to go far.

Beckham previously shared with Music Mayhem that he has a full album ready and he plans to move to know following his Idol win.

“We got a whole album ready to go,” Beckham, the 2021 Idol winner, previously said when he was asked if has any other songs written, in addition to his originals, “Mamma” and “23.” He continued to explain that following his Idol win, he hopes to get in the studio to finish a record.

“Once we get done with [American Idol], and we can get into the studio, then, that’s it, the rest will be history,” Beckham added. “As far as those songs go. I’m done with those, I finished those sometime last year. I was gonna do an EP before the show happened, and then I decided to wait and hang onto all those songs. So I’ve got a good few songs that are ready to go and record them, and put them out as soon as we can.”

McCreery was thoroughly impressed knowing that Beckham already has an album together. The “You Time” singer also commented on Beckham’s debut single “23,” which he admits is a “great song.”

“I saw him sing that on Idol a few weeks ago, so, yeah he crushed that, great song too,” McCreery added.

Since winning Season 10 of Idol ten years ago, McCreery has gone on to spawn several No. 1 hits such as “This Is It,” “Five More Minutes” and “In Between,” in addition to three consecutive No. 1 hits, the North Carolina native’s latest single “You Time” is currently in the Top 25 and climbing on the country charts.

Furthermore, McCreery recently completed recording his upcoming new album, which he shared he is returning to his roots on.

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