P!NK & Kelly Clarkson Sing Series Of Duets During Songs & Stories On ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’

The pair of superstars teamed up to sing several duets, including “What About Us,” “All I Know So Far,” “Trustfall,” “Please Don’t Leave Me,” “Who Knew” and more.


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Posted on February 7, 2023

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P!NK, Kelly Clarkson; Photo Courtesy of The Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube

P!nk joined forces with Kelly Clarkson during Songs & Stories on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Monday (Feb 6) for a number of show-stopping duets and an unfiltered heart-to-heart on the meaning behind some of her greatest hits. 

Clarkson made sure to kick off the show with a warm welcome to her special guest, who sported a printed black, red and white Dsquared2 top under a black blazer, paired with a striking red pair of Balenciaga x Adidas pantashoes. 

“Our guest today is up there with the greatest of all time in music. Literally. She’s my favorite singer of my generation. I love her so much. Listing her accolades is probably stupid because there’s so many, but I’m going to try and do it anyway. We’re going to miss some. She’s earned three Grammy Awards, two Brit Awards and an Emmy, and sold over 60 million albums,” she shared. “Her new single is so great. It’s called ‘Trustfall.’ It’s out now and the album drops February 17th. So don’t be stupid. Go get it.”

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Clarkson finished up by saying, “And tickets for her Summer Carnival Stadium tour— I’ve seen her a couple times on tour, she’s incredible. You’ve got to go see this. They’re currently on sale, so go get your tickets before it’s too late because she sells out y’all. I had to use my name both times,” she joked as P!nk made her way to the stage. “Give it up. Give it up for pink everybody!”

P!nk and Kelly Clarkson Performed A Duet Of “Who Knew”

The pair opened the show by catching up with one another while P!nk updated the crowd on her two children, Willow Sage and Jameson Moon. They quickly jumped right in to discuss P!nk’s 2006 hit, “Who Knew.”

The pop star shared, “I lost several friends, unfortunately to overdose. And, um, the second one was very, very, very, very close to me and I loved him very much, his name was Saiku,” she continued. “But the thing about the song that I love now, after all these years, is that I never get tired of performing it and it’s taken on so many different meanings over the years.”

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She added, “It was about my grandmother at one point. It was about my dog. I’ve lost people. And so it’s always sort of fresh in my heart,” before taking part in an acoustic duet of the song with Clarkson. 

After shifting gears, P!nk dialed in on her relationship with her husband Carey Hart and the numerous songs she’s written about him over the years. 

When asked about her 2009 hit “Please Don’t Leave Me,” she recalled, “This song is a little different for me, outside my wheelhouse because I’m not telling him to leave or go away. I’m asking him to stay. And that album, Funhouse, was like my divorce record. But I was very humbled,” she said.

She went on to share, “I was very humbled by being the person that was left and knowing it wasn’t going to work, but kind of knowing that our story wasn’t finished. And it was a very humbling, quiet pain as opposed to me raging and burning and setting sh–t on fire. So ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’ is sort of, I guess, my most humble love song.” 

P!NK, Kelly Clarkson Also Performed “Please Don’t Leave Me” And “What About Us”

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They harmonized on the chorus of the song, “Please don’t leave me/ Da da da da da/ Please don’t leave me/ da da da/ I always say how I don’t need you/ But it’s always gonna come right back to this/ Please don’t leave me”

They segued into P!nk’s 2017 politically charged hit “What About Us” while Clarkson questioned the inspiration behind the track. 

“We’re not listening to each other right now. And it’s so loud and so gross and angry, and people are being forgotten. People are being counted out and their rights are being trampled on just because a group of people doesn’t believe in them,” P!NK continued. “I don’t understand how many people in this world are discounted because one group of people decided they don’t like that. And I won’t have it.”

She adds, “One of the most beautiful things that my dad taught me was that my voice matters and I can make a difference. And I will.”

They performed their hard-hitting duetted rendition of the song, garnering a standing ovation from the crowd. 

P!NK and Kelly Clarkson Concluded Their Performance With “All I Know So Far” And “Trustfall”

P!NK, Kelly Clarkson; Photo Courtesy of Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal
P!NK, Kelly Clarkson; Photo Courtesy of Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal

P!nk’s 2021 hit, “All I Know So Far,” was inspired by her kids and wanting to share the wisdom she’s gathered thus far in her life. 

She told Clarkson, “This is what I have to give you. Unfortunately you can’t borrow my knowledge. You have to buy your own. But yeah, I can at least say it out loud so I can say I said it,” she continued, “My dad used to say that to me— he used to say, ‘Honey, throw your head back and spit in the wind and show ’em what you’ve got.’”

The pop star duo put on an emotional acoustic performance, harmonizing together on the chorus.

“You throw your head back/ And you spit in the wind/ Let the walls crack/ Because it lets the light in/ Let ‘em drag you through hell/ They can’t tell you to change who you are/ That’s all I know so far/ And when the storm’s out/ You run in the rain/ Put your sword down/ Dive right into the pain/ Stay unfiltered and loud/ You’ll be proud of that skin full of scars/ That’s all I know so far,” they sang together. 

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The Pair Of Superstars Also Discussed Their Upcoming New Albums

They wrapped up the hour with a sneak peek into P!nk’s upcoming album, Trustfall. Clarkson shared that her new album will be about “sadness and depression and divorce.” P!nk countered, “Mine is more like the world is ending. … But those are the best songs! But it’s also like, I’m still a wife and a daughter and a mother, and I lost my dad, and it’s the pandemic. And then my almost dearest friend in the whole world died eight months later, and I’m still parenting and all of these things,” she shared with the host.

P!nk continued, “So you write all those songs, and then you get to a point where you’re like, ‘Well if we are sliding sideways off the axis, let’s dance,’” prompting Clarkson to applaud P!NK on her roller skating skills in her music video for “Never Gonna Not Dance Again.”

She went into depth behind the meaning of the new album, and recalled, “I feel like life right now — getting out of bed in the morning, having a vagina, dropping your kids off at school, participating in elections — any of it requires so much trust right now. And I think life is a trust fall and those are the questions you have to ask: what do you fall for and what’s worth it?”

P!NK, Kelly Clarkson; Photo Courtesy of Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal
P!NK, Kelly Clarkson; Photo Courtesy of Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal

They performed an acoustic version of the title track of her forthcoming album, “TRUSTFALL.” 

“Close your eyes and leave it all behind/ Go where love is on our side/ It’s a trustfall baby/ It’s a trustfall baby/ You and I and everyone alive/ We can run into the fire/ It’s a trustfall baby/ It’s a trustfall baby,” they sang on the chorus of the tune. 

Trustfall will feature 13 tracks, including her current single “Never Gonna Not Dance Again” and her recently released title track “TRUSTFALL.” It will also feature duets with Chris Stapleton, The Lumineers and First Aid Kit.

The new record serves as the follow-up to her first live collection, All I Know So Far: Setlist, as well as her 2019 project, Hurts 2B Human, which included fan-favorite hits such as “Walk Me Home,” “Can We Pretend,” “Hustle,” “Love Me Anyway,” and more.

P!NK Trustfall Album Art
P!NK Trustfall Album Art

P!NK recently announced that she will be embarking on a massive 2023 Stadium Tour, dubbed the Summer Carnival Tour. The trek will begin on July 24 in Toronto, Ontario at Rogers Centre and continue through October 9, wrapping up in Phoenix, Arizona at Chase Field.

The 21-city tour will visit Boston’s Fenway Park, NYC’s Citi Field, Chicago’s Wrigley Field, Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium and more. It will also feature special guests Brandi Carlile, Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo, Grouplove and DJ Kid Cut Up.

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