Luke Combs, Ed Sheeran; Photo Courtesy of Luke Combs/Instagram
Luke Combs, Ed Sheeran; Photo Courtesy of Luke Combs/Instagram

Luke Combs Tells Story Of Hanging With Ed Sheeran In A Tennessee Bar

Luke Combs told the story of the time he and British singer, Ed Sheeran met up to hang out in Tennessee Friday (Apr. 29) when he stopped by The Bobby Bones Show.

Bones asked Combs if he’s able to maintain somewhat of a normal life and go out to eat at a restaurant without getting recognized. Combs responded that he’s able to, but it depends on where he goes before telling a story about when he met up with Sheeran in Tennessee.

“The first time I ever hung out with Ed Sheeran was at the Twin Peaks [a restaurant chain similar to Hooter’s] in Brentwood, true story,” Combs said, which prompted Bones to laugh. 

“Well, he’d hit me up, and was like, ‘hey, you know it’s like, let’s hang out or whatever,’ and that’s where he told me he was,” Combs explained. “And I was like, ‘Okay.’ So I’m on the way, and it’s like me and my wife and stuff, and I was like, ‘hey man, just checking we’re going here.’ He was like, ‘yeah, yeah dude, we’re here, come on.’ So I get in there, and it’s like all of a sudden, dude, the people start coming up, coming up, coming up, and he’s like, ‘dude, I’m really sorry, man. No one ever bothers me here, you know?'”

Combs went on to say that Sheeran had taken him “into the beehive.” Combs also said something similar would happen if the roles were reversed and he took Sheeran to a wine bar or a NASCAR race.

Following the throng of fans coming up to him, Combs said they wound up “going somewhere else” to hang out.

Combs surprised the crowd in London at this year’s C2C Festival by bringing Sheeran onstage to sing his song, “Dive.”

“Boys, I don’t know how we follow that,” Combs said after Sheeran exited the stage.

Combs has covered the song from Sheeran’s album, ÷ (pronounced “Divide”), multiple times. He even recorded his own version of the tune at Sound Stage Nashville for Spotify, as part of Spotify Originals.

On April 13, Combs announced that his new album, Growin’ Up would be released on June 24.

In addition, Combs recently shared that he’d be finishing out 2022 by going on tour. The Middle Of Somewhere Tour, which features support from Jordan Davis, Morgan Wade and Lainey Wilson, ends on December 10 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

In 2018, Sheeran shared an Instagram story singing Combs’ “When It Rains It Pours” in the midst of a down pour rain in a tropical location. Since Sheeran and Combs have shared covers of each other’s songs, fan have been begging for the superstars to join forces for an episode of CMT Crossroads, which typically pairs a country superstar with an artist of another genre.

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