Blake Shelton and Snoop Dogg; Photo Courtesy of NBC
Blake Shelton and Snoop Dogg; Photo Courtesy of NBC

Blake Shelton Recalls A Time Snoop Dogg Was So High On ‘The Voice’ Set That He Fell Asleep While Filming

The contestants of season 20 of NBC’s The Voice got an extra special surprise when the iconic Snoop Dogg stepped in as their Mega Mentor just before the live shows. For one day, Snoop Dogg got to work with all four coaches, including Blake Shelton, along with each coach’s team.

Recently, during an Interview with Lon Helton at Country Radio Seminar (CRS) in Nashville, Shelton reminisced on the fun times they had while working together, especially when he realized how high Snoop Dogg was while working with the contestants on the show.

“I remember my team came out and I’m sitting there just almost just like this,” he said during the interview at CRS, painting the picture of the hilarious moment on set. “Our contestants are singing, and we were about three artists in and somebody was just singing their heart out…they’re about halfway through, and I look over at Snoop and he’s asleep.”

Even through his doziness, Shelton was amazed at the words of wisdom Snoop was able to thoughtfully execute. 

“I’m going, ‘Holy shit.’ It’s loud and there are cameras, and this is on NBC,” Shelton continued. “And when the song ended he was still like this. I go, ‘Well it’s… What do you think Snoop?’ And he goes, ‘I think on the second verse you need to…’ And he was taking it all in, but he was so high. He was just on another dimension, you know what I mean. He’s so good. He was really that high and being that smart at the same time.”


@Blake Shelton recalled a hilarious moment he shared with @Snoop Dogg on @NBC’s The Voice, when Snoop was so high he fell asleep during one of the contestant’s performances 😂😂 #BlakeShelton #SnoopDogg #TheVoice

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Snoop Dogg might not be the typical mentor that usually appears on the show, but Shelton dubbed him as “the best” mentor in his opinion. “He had so much great advice, specific advice. He was kind of phrasing certain lines.”

The “God’s Country” singer also shared that when they had the chance to just have a normal conversation between them, the “highly” intelligent rapper was a unique experience in itself because he “writes as he’s speaking.”

“When he says a sentence to you, it’s always something that can never be recreated again… It’s like he rolls out some kind of rap or poetry in what he says to you. It’s like rhymed. And it’s like, ‘Well, how do you talk like this?’ He’s just like that, no matter what, whether you’re on or off, that’s just him. He’s the happiest person I’ve ever seen in my life.”

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Snoop also had some kind words to share about the friendship he and the country singer formed after just working together for only a short time. He even compared Shelton to himself, saying they are pretty similar in their personalities and how they chose to live their lives…except Shelton tends to choose to consume alcohol instead of smoking weed like Snoop Dogg. 

“Blake is like Snoop Dogg,” he laughed. “If we would’ve been in school together, we both would’ve been getting suspended, class clowns, throwing stuff at the other students. Like, he’s one of my guys… Can’t look at us and tell, but once we started hanging out and doing our thing, it was life, man, y’all act like y’all been knowing each other 20, 30 years.”

On the last season of NBC’s The Voice, a member of Shelton’s team, Cam Anthony ended up taking home the win at the end of the show.

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