5 Fun Facts About Jake Hoot & His Wife Brittney’s Relationship In Honor Of New “Wherever Time Goes” Duet

Fast rising country star Jake Hoot is celebrating his one-year anniversary with wife Brittney Hoot in the sweetest way. Sharing a love for music, Brittney has previously joined her husband on stage to sing a song or two together, but…


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Posted on February 11, 2022

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Jake Hoot & Wife Brittney Hoot; Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Volk

Fast rising country star Jake Hoot is celebrating his one-year anniversary with wife Brittney Hoot in the sweetest way.

Sharing a love for music, Brittney has previously joined her husband on stage to sing a song or two together, but now, they finally have a full, recorded duet together titled, “Wherever Time Goes.” 

When Hoot first heard the romantic ballad, co-penned by Hoot alongside hitmakers Houston Philips and Michael Farren, he had the idea to incorporate his best friend on it. The Voice alum takes lead on vocals in the song and Brittney joins in on the harmony and the second verse. 

“Writing this one was special. I knew immediately that it was supposed to be a duet between my wife, Brittney and I,” Hoot exclusively told Music Mayhem of the tune. “Life just gets moving too fast as you get older, time seems to get away from you, and this song is about slowing down and spending that time with the person, or people you love. Getting to record and perform this song with my best friend is something so special. Not only can she SANG, but sharing the stage, this song, my life, with her is something I can’t put into words! We hope that anyone and everyone who hears this song will be able to relate and share it with someone special! “

This song is a testament to their love that began years ago when they first met doing the thing that beings them so much joy in life – singing. At the time, they were asked to perform a duet at a mutual friends’ wedding. Now, they have come full circle, releasing a duet of their own. They reconnected in 2020, following their wedding performance and decided to settle down together. They tied the knot a year later, giving them each a person to go through life with and someone to always be there for.

Hoot recently sat down with Music Mayhem to dive into things that fans may not know about him and his wife’s relationship, including how he met his wife, her hilarious meant-to-be maiden name, their faith, and more.

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Read down below to find out five fun facts about Jake Hoot and his life.

1. Jake and Brittney first met as wedding singers at mutual their mutual friend’s wedding 10 years ago. 

A little over 10 years ago, two of our best friends were getting married, And asked Jake and I, separately, if we would be doing a duet with each other on the song “when God made you”. We had never met prior to the day of the rehearsal! I was living in Arizona at the time, and Jake was living here in Tennessee. We would practice the song back-and-forth over Facebook Messenger. The first time we actually got to run through this song together was the day before having to sing it live for their first dance.

2. Brittney leads mission trips in Nicaragua as part of a non-profit organization. Jake was a volunteer on several of her missions before they were together.

I had gone to Nicaragua before The Voice, and had absolutely fallen in love with the country, the people, and the mission work that Brittney’s organization (The Radiant Initiative) had been doing down there for the past several years. In a sense, I reconnected to the way I grew up in the Dominican Republic. After coming home from that first trip, I knew I needed to go back in the very near future. However, because of The Voice, I wasn’t able to go on the next few trips, but I swore as soon as I could. I was able to return in March of 2020.

3. Jake and Brittney both come from HUGE families. Brittney has 6 siblings and Jake has 8.

It’s fun that we both come from such large families and have very similar backgrounds. I am the oldest in my family, and Jake is the second oldest in his. When we started dating, I remember Jake asking me if I would feel more comfortable  meeting his family in small groups, or all at once. I laughed, because I understood that for most people meeting such a large family would be a bit overwhelming, but for me, all the talking over each-other, everyone being involved in every conversation made me feel right at home. Jake and I loved being a part of large families so much and want to have a lot of kids of our own someday.

4. Brittney’s maiden name is actually HOYT, which means she only had to change ONE letter when they got married

Easiest transition ever! It’s funny, because I always prayed that I would get to keep my initials! Haha, I didn’t realize that I was literally only going to have to change one letter! Our wedding hashtag was #oneletter

5. Jake and Brittney are both deeply grounded in their faith, which has created a solid foundation for a healthy marriage. 

Absolutely! We both put Jesus first in everything we do. We were raised in Christian families, and were fortunate to have great examples from our parents who taught us how to always put God first. We have carried that over into our own family. We love our family devotion times in the morning, and learned the value of seeking God first before anything else.

Jake Hoot, Brittney Hoot; Photo by Jonathan Volk
Jake Hoot, Brittney Hoot; Photo by Jonathan Volk
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