Jake Hoot & Wife Brittney; Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Jake Hoot & Wife Brittney; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Jake Hoot Reveals A Duet With His Wife Brittney Is “Definitely Going To Happen” On His New Album

Following Jake Hoot’s victory on Season 17 of The Voice, the talented artist went on to make waves in music city. For instance, he joined forces with award-winning songstress Kelly Clarkson on “I Would’ve Loved You,” released a five-track EP, performed at the Grand Ole Opry, and shared his music with thousands of screaming fans out on tour. 

However, it was tying the knot to Brittney Hoyt on March 7, 2021, that remains on top of his “most memorable” list. From the outside looking in, fans see Brittney as a labor and delivery nurse. Although, behind the scrubs and sympathetic heart – she has mind-blowing pipes.

As a loyal husband and an innovative musician, Hoot couldn’t let her talents go unnoticed. Therefore, Brittney previously sang background vocals on his track “Nadine” and has recently joined him on stage at live performances nationwide. 

In an exclusive interview, the breakout star recently told Music Mayhem that a duet between him and his wife is currently in the works, which will be included on a forthcoming record. “She is such a powerhouse, and we both sing kind of in the same range. So, that’s going to help out a lot,” says Hoot. He continued to share that the fit is more than just the music and the melody, but the inspiration behind the lyrics resonates with them as a couple. 

“We want to sing a song that we both relate to and that we both can feel because you’re going to sing more if you can actually relate to the song, you’re going to sing more passionately with it. It’s definitely going to happen, and we practice all the time,” he adds. 

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Hoot penned the upcoming duet alongside talented co-writers in Nashville and has already received the demo. The duet is currently in full swing, as they are already playing around with the harmonies. “This new song that I wrote, we’re singing it back and forth. We are listening to the demo and practicing and seeing if it’s something that we want to do. Whenever the album comes out, it’s going to be a duet that we’re going to be singing on.” 

As of right now, Hoot does not have a release date set in stone and confessed that the process behind writing a full-length record is daunting. “It was terrifying to me to do an EP because that was the first one that I have ever done. Now, looking at a full-length album, it’s even more terrifying because I want it to tell a story, and I don’t want it to be all these different songs that are thrown into something,” Hoot shared with Music Mayhem reporter Andrew Wendowski.

While the idea of working on an album might scare the fast-rising musician, he confirmed that he is busy in the studio working alongside talented songwriters. As fans wait for the “Night Left” singer to drop his highly anticipated LP, you can see him on the road by grabbing tickets to an upcoming show HERE.

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