The Band McMillan; Photo Courtesy of Facebook
The Band McMillan; Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Watch The Band McMillan React To Hearing Their Viral Hit “Dear Miranda” On The Radio For The First Time

The Band McMillan, a trio consisting of siblings Lauren, Kathryn, and Robert McMillan, are best known for their fun, energy-filled videos created on TikTok and YouTube, two platforms they use to share their music and connect with their loyal listeners. Recently, the trio hit a career milestone when they heard one of their songs played on the radio for the first time, which resulted in a sweet bonding moment that the siblings got to experience together.

Many artists choose to incorporate some of their musical role models into their songwriting in one way or another, and The Band McMillan did just that with their 2021 single, “Dear Miranda.”

“Dear Miranda” serves as a letter penned to country superstar, Miranda Lambert, who is an inspiration to the fast rising group. Recently, the track has gone viral and because of that, it earned a spot on the radio for the first time. Hearing their song over the airwaves sparked an emotional reaction from the siblings, which they filmed to share with their followers.

The tune was played by Paul Koffy and Jasmine Sadry on The Morning Koffy Show. “The Band McMillan, they are three siblings named Lauren, Kathryn, Robert, and there’s a song going viral on TikTok right now,” Sadry said as she introduced the song to the station’s listeners. “It’s called, ‘Dear Miranda’ and it was obviously inspired by Miranda Lambert. It’s really catchy.”

Sitting in their car, where they choose to make many of their TikTok videos, the band shared this accomplishment together in awe. They then posted their reactions to social media with the caption, “at a loss for words… forever grateful for this moment.”

“That’s us,” Robert said in excitement and disbelief.

“That’s crazy,” Lauren responded. “I’m gonna cry, like I’m literally going to cry.”

Not long after playing their song, the radio station invited the trio on for an interview. The band has previously shared snippets of this song on social media, hoping it might catch the attention of their role model and with Lambert following the band’s Instagram page and the effort from fans tagging her in the comments, they hope to see the “If I Was A Cowboy” singer react to the song. So far, they have yet to receive a response from her, but they are still hopeful that she will see it.

“We have been touched by so many of Miranda’s songs thanks to the vulnerability she gives each song but one that has really stuck out to us would have to be ‘Automatic,’ the band previously told Music Mayhem. “The first time we heard that song it really resonated with us because the lyrics spoke directly to us. Everything in today’s culture has become so ‘Automatic’ and fast-paced thanks to technology. It’s refreshing to take a step back and appreciate the simple things in life.”

Several of their videos have gone viral on TikTok including one that showcased this song. Reaching out to Lambert in this video, the band has reached over 1 million views from fans, many of whom have expressed their love for the song in the comments.


poured our heart & soul into this song…🥺🥰🤠 #fyp #fypシ #foryou #emotional #sadsong #country #siblings @mirandalambert

♬ original sound – The Band McMillan

Before they wrote this song, Lambert has interacting with the band’s account by following and commenting on one of their videos that included a mashup of 10 of her songs in one minute. They sang “White Liar,” “Automatic,” “We Should Be Friends,” and more. 

“Her music has always inspired us and after her reaching out about our mashup, we knew we needed to write a song about the impact her music has had on our lives.”

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