The Band McMillan Release Viral Hit “Somebody’s Got To,” Announce First-Ever Christmas Song “Single Bells”

The Band McMillan are back with another viral hit that has been sitting on the iTunes charts since its debut. The country trio, comprised of siblings Lauren, Kathryn and Robert McMillan, recently shared a brand-new single called “Somebody’s Got To,”…


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Posted on November 18, 2021

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The Band McMillan; Photo Provided

The Band McMillan are back with another viral hit that has been sitting on the iTunes charts since its debut.

The country trio, comprised of siblings Lauren, Kathryn and Robert McMillan, recently shared a brand-new single called “Somebody’s Got To,” a song that first caught steam on when it went viral on TikTok ahead of its release, via a video shared on October 27.

The viral TikTok clip, which has amassed over 2 million views since its release, featured the trio and Kathryn’s longtime best friend, Cole, who is now her boyfriend. The clip showed Cole reacting to a song that Lauren wrote, with inspiration by Kathryn’s longstanding crush on Cole.

As he continued to listen to the song in the clip, which at the time he had no idea was about him, he was shocked to find out that the tune was in fact about him when he asked “who is this song about?” Which to Kathryn’s surprise, Cole loved the song and told her, “I got something to tell you… that’s so sweet.”

Watch the viral moment unfold below.


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♬ original sound – The Band McMillan

Following the viral clip on TikTok, the trio released the song to all streaming platforms on November 4, just days after the video took over millions of For You pages on TikTok.

“I wrote “Somebody’s Got To” a few years ago,” Lauren recalled of the track. “I remember the first time I played it for Kathryn and Robert. We couldn’t wait to get in the studio and record it. It’s a really special song to me, so I spent a lot of time searching for the right producer who had the same vision as I did for the end product. It took a couple of tries, but we finally found the right team to make it in to what I had envisioned for the song!”

While Lauren wrote “Somebody’s Got To” with inspiration from her sister Kathryn’s crush, she hopes that the song resonates differently with each listener. 

“As the songwriter for our group, I’m inspired by all kinds of things; events that happen to me personally, those that I see from other people, or even stories that I just create,” Lauren explained. “My goal as a songwriter is to be able to tell a story that can have its own special meaning to anyone who hears it. If the listener has a personal connection with my song, then I feel like I’ve successfully done my job and I hope that each song that I write holds a different meaning to everyone that listens!”

Kathryn connected to the song immediately upon hearing it and knew that she had to reveal her feelings to her longtime friend by playing him the song as the story behind the song was the perfect explanation of her feelings towards him.

“I knew that the story behind ‘Somebody’s Got To’ perfectly described my feelings towards my best friend and had the idea that the feeling was mutual,” Kathryn revealed. “What better way to tell him than play the song for him! I was pretty nervous at first and wasn’t sure if he’d catch on, but I’m so glad that he did! There were little lyrical hints throughout the song that were really what ended up making him realize what was happening.”

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The Band McMillan; Photo Provided
The Band McMillan; Photo Provided

Lauren and Robert got to witness the unforgettable moment from the backseat of the car, which you can see in the viral clip.

“It was a super special moment, and I’m so glad Robert and I were able to be a part of it as well!” Lauren added. 

While the trio plans to continue releasing singles, they hope “Somebody’s Got To,” penned solely by Lauren, will appear on “a full-length album in the future.”

Upon release, the song made its debut at No. 2 on the iTunes Country Chart, the same chart where it currently holds strong at No. 7. In addition to sitting at No. 7 on the Country chart, the track also sits at No. 20 on the iTunes All-Genre Chart.

“We were ecstatic to see so many people connect and relate with their story,” Lauren said graciously. “The support we have received on this one has been incredible!! We are forever grateful to everyone who’s listened and supported us!”

Listen to the viral hit single below.

YouTube video

Additionally, The Band McMillan is gearing up for another release, this time, a festive song called “Single Bells,” which will make its debut on Thanksgiving Day. 

The song, which will mark the trio’s first-ever Christmas song, “tells the story of being single for the holidays.”

“Our first Christmas song will be out on Thanksgiving Day!! We cannot wait for this one! It’s called ‘Single Bells,’” Lauren shared. “It’s super ‘Christmassy’ but of course we had to add a little country flair.🤠 So after you’re done eating your turkey, jump in your car, go find some Christmas lights and hot cocoa, and jam out to ‘Single Bells’ with us!!”

Fans can pre-save and preorder “Single Bells” now HERE.

You can hear a teaser of the new Christmas tune below.


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♬ original sound – The Band McMillan

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