Tim McGraw Says There Are “No Days Off” From His Daily Workout Routine “Til It Starts Hailing”

Nothing can come between Tim McGraw and his daily workout routine, that is until mother nature decides otherwise. On Thursday (May 26), the country superstar took to social media to share a workout clip from before his show in Camden,…


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Posted on May 26, 2022

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Tim McGraw; Photos Courtesy of Instagram

Nothing can come between Tim McGraw and his daily workout routine, that is until mother nature decides otherwise.

On Thursday (May 26), the country superstar took to social media to share a workout clip from before his show in Camden, New Jersey from earlier this month, where it torrentially down poured rain and then began to hail at one point.

McGraw captioned the clip, “No days off…. Til it starts hailing 🏋️‍♀️” and also tagged Butcher Box, the company that sponsors McGraw’s road gym, which “delivers 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, humanely raised pork, and wild-caught seafood directly to your door,” according to their website.

“We try to do this rain or shine, but sometimes I question our senses, maybe God’s trying to tell us to take an afternoon off,” McGraw says in the clip’s opening. 

The clip proceeded to show McGraw, his brother Matthew McGraw and his tour mates working out in the pouring rain, before found shelter when it began to hail.

“Hail! That hurts!” McGraw said as he took shelter underneath a roof attached to his bus/mobile gym unit. “Now, hails a different story,” McGraw added, referencing the fact that he and his road crew and tour mates work out no matter the weather.

As the clip continues, it shows McGraw working out doing a variety of exercises, including push-ups, lifting a massive tire, sledgehammer tire workout, pull-ups, sled pushing, sit-ups and more.

Earlier this month, McGraw shared a clip doing an intense workout with his tour mates Russell Dickerson and Brandon Davis, as well as some of his road crew, where fans declared the 55-year-old singer “the most ripped man in Country music.”

“Working out is a big part of my routine on tour….” McGraw captioned the video at the time. “@russelled @brandondavis_music you boys held your own this weekend!!”

In the clip, McGraw is seen alongside Dickerson, Davis and other tour personnel doing different boot camp styles exercises, including lifting a massive tire, pull-ups, sled pushing, sit-ups and more.

Those hardcore workouts also took place just outside of McGraw’s Butcher Box sponsored Mobile Gym.

Upon seeing the first clip, dozens of fans swooned over McGraw chiseled abs in the comments.

“My jaw has dropped on the floor. You are the most ripped man in country music,” one fan gushed, before another added, “Such a thirst trap!”

“Damn Tim McGraw looks better with age 😍,” a fan said, while an additional read, “So jacked and having so much fun! What a mood booster.”

While some fans praised McGraw’s physique, others begged the country hitmaker to join him for a workout session.

“I wanna workout with Tim!!!” one fan said. Another added, “How does someone get lucky enough to work out with Tim McGraw? 💪🏼”

McGraw is known to do high-intensity workouts and previously opened up about his fitness journey during an interview with Men’s Health Journal in 2021.

“In my early 40s, when I really started taking it seriously, I started running a lot. That’s the first thing I started doing, and I found that made a big difference for me. It just started my day out better,” he shared. “I just realized how much it raised the bar on everything that I did. It raised the bar on my career. It raised the bar on my relationships with my friends. It just made me feel better, gave me a better mental outlook on everything that I was doing.”

He went on to detail his hard core workouts, which always begin with a 30-minute walk on the treadmill “to get everything loosened up and flowing.”

“Then we’ll do some stretching and stuff,” he said. “Typically, in the mornings it’s more of active yoga and body weights. Then we go in and run stairs in the arena.”

But that’s not all. The afternoon consists of a “big CrossFit training session” that typically lasts 60 to 90 minutes.

“It depends on how everybody holds up. It starts with 10 or 15 people; it ends with four or five sometimes. That’s our afternoon workout. Then we go get showered up and have dinner, and get ready to do a show.”

In a recent conversation with his record label, McGraw shared why working out is so important to him, especially while on tour.

“You know, practice has to be harder than the game,” he said. “So, I live by that philosophy when it’s touring. Like you work really hard all day long, and by the time you hit the show, then you’ve got two hours of doing a show, then it’s fun and easy.”

McGraw’s headlining tour, which features Dickerson, Davis and Alexandra Kay, continues through June 4, where the trek wraps up in Mansfield, MA at Xfinity Center.

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