Thomas Rhett, Wife Lauren Akins, And Their Children; Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Thomas Rhett, Wife Lauren Akins, And Their Children; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Thomas Rhett Is Taking A Break On Having Kids, But Plans To Adopt Again In “Four Or Five Years”

Thomas Rhett said he and wife Lauren are taking a break from having kids for a bit, but that they’d like to adopt again in four or five years.

Rhett chatted with Access Hollywood back in mid-March in support of his latest album Where We Started and discussed whether he and Lauren were planning on expanding their family.

“We’re taking a smidge of a breather right now,” Rhett said. “We need to come up for air for a little bit and let these [girls] grow up a smidge.”

“We may be done, we may not,” he added, saying he thinks Lauren would like to have five children to “round out” their family.

Rhett also shared that he and Lauren have talked about adopting another child.

“One hundred percent,” Rhett told Everything Nash. “I think right now with four under six, I think Lauren and I were really honest with each other, and we were just like, ‘Let’s take a pause for a four or five years, and kind of get the hang of what this is going to look like.’ But yes, adoption is 100 percent on our brains in the next four to five years. We would love to do that,” he explained. “Willa Gray talks about it all the time, and it’s something that’s been put on our hearts very heavily to do that again. We just don’t know when.”

Rhett and his wife Lauren adopted their oldest daughter Willa Gray from Uganda in 2017.

In a conversation with Hoda Kotb, Rhett shared when he plans to talk to his daughter Willa Gray about her adoption.

“Adoption is one of the most beautiful things in the world and I don’t think at the beginning of it you go, ‘Oh, in like six years, I’m gonna have to start answering some really intense questions,'” he told Kotb. “It’s kinda like you go, what age is the right age? Because the world is moving so fast to have a conversation with a 6-year-old about that. Maybe I’m too old school to think that way, but I go, ‘Maybe we need to wait until she’s 10.’” 

In addition to Willa Gray, Rhett and wife Lauren are also parents to Ada James, Lennon Love, and Lillie Carolina.

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