Thomas Rhett & Rhett Akins; Photo By Chris Hollo/Opry
Thomas Rhett & Rhett Akins; Photo By Chris Hollo/Opry

Thomas Rhett Dreams Of Going On An Acoustic Storytelling Tour With His Dad Rhett Akins: “Just Me, Dad And Guitars”

Thomas Rhett is ready to cross off another bucket list goal with his dad, Rhett Akins. He revealed that he “dreams” of going on an acoustic storytelling tour together. 

Sitting down for an interview with Audacy’s Rob + Holly, Thomas Rhett and his dad discussed milestone moments they’ve shared, writing music together and some future goals on their radar.

“I’ve had a dream for a long time of me and my dad getting to do that (an acoustic tour) in theaters across the country,” Thomas Rhett shared. “Just me and dad and guitars, to be able to tell stories, play songs we’ve written separately and together. That would be a blast.”

Thomas Rhett’s Dad Rhett Akins Recently Recalled Hearing “It Goes Like This” On The Radio For The First Time

Akins has watched his son evolve into the artist he is today. During a recent interview on Where We Started Radio with Thomas Rhett, he even recalled the heartwarming moment when he heard Thomas Rhett’s 2013 single, “It Goes Like This,” on country radio for the first time. To make things even more special, Akins co-wrote the song and was there for the recording process. 

“I’ll never forget Bobby Bones premiering it on his show and I was in my truck. That’s when I still lived in Hendersonville. And he goes ‘Coming up next we got the brand new one from Thomas Rhett, ‘It Goes Like This’’ and I literally pulled over on the side of the road and almost threw up,” he laughed. “Because I was like, ‘If Thomas Rhett fails in this business, I don’t want it to be because of me. I don’t want my song to be the one that killed the career here.'”

“So I was so nervous when it came on,” Akins said to his son. “I remember going to see you when you were still playing like little theaters and stuff and every night the crowd just seemed to get bigger and bigger and know that song a little bit more. Then I knew it was taking off.”

Luckily, this song helped launch Thomas Rhett’s career and at this point, it’s safe to say they have a “great track record.”

On Thomas Rhett’s latest album, Where We Started, Akins contributed to five of the tracks including “Half Of Me” (featuring Riley Green), “Bring The Bar,” “Slow Down Summer,” “Us Someday,” and “Somebody Like Me.” To show his support, he then took to social media to share a sweet message in honor of his son and his latest project.

“Thomas Rhett, I can’t believe you just released your 6th album,” he wrote. “Proud of all you’ve accomplished in just a short time. This is such a great album. Thanks for letting me be a part of it. I can’t wait to work on the next one!” 

During the interview, Akins also shared his insight on the makings of one of the popular singles off the project, “Slow Down Summer.”

“I just remember sitting in the living room on the couch. I think I had an idea called ‘Summer Sometimes.’ I think about that summer sometimes. And then that kind of morphed in— I think you took that and rolled somewhere else with that and it eventually turned into ‘Slow Down Summer.’ I just remember thinking about that song a lot after we wrote it because the piano lick was so cool.”

Thomas Rhett will hit the road for his Bring The Bar To You Tour starting in June and continuing through October. While nothing is confirmed, fans can only hope Thomas Rhett’s dream of going on an acoustic storytelling tour with his dad, Rhett Akins, will happen in the future.

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