Scotty McCreery, Gabi McCreery; Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Scotty McCreery, Gabi McCreery; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Scotty McCreery Says The Day He Married His Childhood Sweetheart Gabi Was “The Best Day Of My Life”

Scotty McCreery said the day he married his now-wife, Gabi was the “best day of [his] life.”

McCreery appeared on country radio personality Skip Clark’s Skip Happens podcast on May 17 where he shared his comments about his wife, Gabi, who is also his childhood sweetheart.

“I think it’s one of those fate things that we ended up together,” McCreery told Clark during the interview. “[Gabi and I] met when we were five, we went all through elementary, middle school and high school. We didn’t date until senior year, we were always friends, but in her Kindergarten diary she literally has her name and my last name in hearts like all over. It’s the wildest thing. I try to remind her of that when I’m in the doghouse, but it doesn’t always go well,” he explained.

“The best day of my life was June 16, 2018, the day me and my wife got married,” he added. We dated for years since 2012, so I knew for a longtime she was the one. That was just an incredible day.”

McCreery and his now-wife Gabi Dugal McCreery exchanged vows in front of 200 family members and friends at the Twickenham House & Hall in the North Carolina mountains when they wed in 2018. The couple’s emotional wedding festivities are featured in the music video for McCreery’s song, “This Is It.”

McCreery has also paid tribute to his wife in song, penning “Why You Gotta Be Like That” from his 2021 album, Same Truck about her. McCreery said he wrote the song with James McNair and Jordan Schmidt following a date night he had with his wife.

“My wife Gabi and I had a date night the evening before I wrote ‘Why You Gotta Be Like That’ with James and Jordan,” McCreery shared. “She came downstairs looking gorgeous as usual, and well…the song tells the rest of the story,” he said, adding, “writing with James and Jordan is always so much fun, and I think that genuine feeling comes through in the song as well.”

McCreery recently shared with People that he and Gabi, who have been married for three years, are discussing starting a family.

“When we got started in the marriage, we told each other we wanted to live life,” McCreery told the outlet. “We wanted to go travel. We wanted to go do things. And I would say we have done that at this point. So, [having kids is] definitely a conversation that’s being had!”

While McCreery and his wife Gabi have no children yet, the couple does share a yellow Labrador Retriever named Moose.

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