PHOTOS: Zach Bryan Captivates In New York City On American Heartbreak Tour

Zach Bryan; Photo by Keeyahtay Lewis

If you have been on social media anytime in the last 6 months, you have probably heard of Zach Bryan. In case you don’t know who he is, he’s the guy who spent his downtime in the Navy recording songs and building a buzz.

In 2019, he used his break from the service to record his debut album, DeAnn. With the release of the album and the videos that he was sharing online, Bryan started to build a devoted audience. In 2020, he released his second record, Elisabeth, and the single “Heading South.,” which sparked major buzz and helped take his career to new heights of success.

Bryan, who is currently on his “American Heartbreak” tour, stopped by Pier 17 in New York City on Tuesday night (Sept. 27) and brought along his impressive catalog of fan-favorite hits.

Performing in the shadows of the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty on the rooftop of Pier 17, Bryan and his band were welcomed to the stage by 3,000+ roaring fans at approximately 8:15. Upon taking the stage, Bryan was all smiles as he took in every second of the awe-inspiring moment in the Big Apple.

He kicked off his set with “Open the Gate” and the crowd was instantly hooked from the first note.

For the next 90 minutes or so Bryan took the sold-out crowd on a journey with a career-spanning set list that included several unreleased tunes as well as songs from almost every project he has released. He also made sure to feature staples that have taken TikTok by storm, including “The Good I’ll Do”, “From Austin,” “Oklahoma Smokeshow” and “Something In The Orange,” all of which were met with screams of excitement.

Before the absolutely beautiful “Something In The Orange,” Bryan told the crowd, “I hate to depress anyone on a Tuesday night, but we’re here and we’re doing it anyway.”

Most of the songs he introduced by saying, “I hope you don’t hate it,” however, the crowd made it clear that Bryan has more than proven himself as a staple in country music with his relatable and anthemic country tunes. 

Bryan may not be on the radio, and he may not be a household name for everyone yet, but it is clear he is doing things the way he wants to do them and his forever growing fan base are loving every second of it. The fast-rising hitmaker doesn’t do many interviews and doesn’t seem to care to even promote his tour or music in the traditional ways. More along the lines of Tyler Childers – if you know who he is, you tell your friends about him, you quote the lyrics on Instagram posts and devour the clips on TikTok. Like he says in the song “68 Fastback” – “You cannot tear down, what’s built up strong now, thankfully.” His foundation is as solid as you can get.

There wasn’t a lot of banter in between songs, but Bryan did take the time to graciously thank the crowd for being there, and he made sure to take in every second of the evening in New York City.

He also shared that he recorded music at Electric Ladyland, which is just steps away from the Pier 17 stage. You may not think that New York City is the place you go for a country troubadour show, but you would be wrong. With the city lights surrounding the venue, and over three thousand fans singing every single word throughout the night, and mist coming off of the Hudson River – it was a magical night all around.

See photos from Zach Bryan’s New York City concert below.

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