AREA15; Photos Courtesy of AREA15
AREA15; Photos Courtesy of AREA15

Five Must-See Attractions At AREA15 In Las Vegas: Omega Mart, Wink World, Liftoff, Museum Fiasco & Haley’s Comet

Las Vegas is the Entertainment Capital of the World with endless options to visit shows, attractions, restaurants, and more. For those planning a trip to Sin City and looking for something unique to add to their to-do list, you should look no further than AREA15.

AREA15, an experiential retail and entertainment complex, is a world full of larger-than-life art installations as well as mind-blowing virtual reality experiences. The 52,000 square foot space includes 15+ exhibits and experiences, all of which are mind-blowing. 

There is no cost to enter AREA15, however, a purchased ticket is required to enter each experience/exhibit. Upon entering AREA15, guests are greeted with a massive skull with visually stunning projections and a store for all your festival and glow-in-the-dark needs. AREA15 is more than just an art installation with several exhibits, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience that will blow your mind.

Located just minutes away from the Las Vegas strip, AREA15 also features a concert venue. See a full list of upcoming events at the venue HERE.

See below for five must-see attractions inside AREA15.

Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart

Omega Mart is a fully immersive art experience that appears as a normal grocery store, however, it’s much more than that as you will feel as if you stepped into another world. The store encompasses 250 unique projects that showcase the contributions of over 325 art, music and digital content creators.

Omega Mart, which has been labeled as “America’s Most Exceptional Grocery Store,” sends “shoppers” on a journey through an imaginative world, where guests can discover secret portals into unexpected rooms that are far beyond your imagination.

Guests should allow ample time to truly experience the one-of-a-kind exhibit as there is much more than what meets the eye. Throughout the grocery stores, guests can find innovative art pieces and comical items on the shelves (and yes, they are available for purchase), such as emergency clams, personalized bleach, ‘Lil Meow’ Gruel for Cats in Pigeon Mousse flavor, who told you this was butter spray, and much more.

During your visit, be sure to try and find the secret bar within the grocery store. At Datamosh Bar you can purchase some unique cocktails (or non alcoholic beverages) and an interesting menu of snacks. We got to try the Orange Dream, which is a mixture of orange juice, vanilla, coco dream whip, and ginger ale. We highly recommend tasting this drink.

While we don’t want to spoil your experience at the exhibit, however, it is a must-see attraction at AREA15.

For more information and tickets click HERE.


@Meow Wolf’s @Omega Mart may seem like your average grocery store…. BUT IT’S WAAAAY MORE THAN THAT! #OmegaMart #LasVegas #Area15 #MeowWolf

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Wink World: Portals Into the Infinite

The Wink World exhibit takes guests on a journey through six infinity mirror rooms, each of which contains a different combination of lights, color, sound and motion.

Created by Chris Wink, who is best known as the Chief Creative Officer of Blue Man Group, the unique experience will have jaws dropping with the breathtaking visuals that flawlessly combine with music and celebrates life’s infinite possibilities.

The one-of-a-kind experience takes approximately 20 minutes and is suitable for all ages. For tickets and additional details click HERE.


Sooo… #WinkWorld at @AREA15 in Vegas has some visually stunning art showcases! #Area15 #BlueManGroup #LasVegas

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The Liftoff attraction offers guests of all ages stunning, panoramic views of Las Vegas and the iconic strip. Guests 12 and under can receive a complimentary ticket with the purchase of adult admission. Guests climb aboard and slowly rise to over 100 feet in the desert airspace. While on board, you can grab photos and videos of the beautiful scenes far and wide. Prior to boarding, guests ages 21 & up can also enjoy an adult beverage from the Liftoff lounge.

Some height restrictions apply. Click HERE for tickets and details.

Museum Fiasco

On the second floor of AREA15 lies Museum Fiasco. This is an audiovisual experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen. One step inside will leave visitors ages 12 and up thinking about the sound and lights around them as they question their perception amid the synchronized display. Each light show lasts about 12 minutes and guests who purchase tickets have unlimited usage of the exhibit while visiting AREA15.

Details can be found HERE.

Haley’s Comet

While we didn’t personally experience Haley’s Comet during our recent visit to AREA15, we’ll definitely be adding this to our list for our next visit to Las Vegas. This attraction invites guests to travel around “The Spine,” the nerve center of AREA15, on a zip line-like roller glider.

Height and weight restrictions apply. Click HERE for details and tickets.

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