Morgan Wallen’s Ex-Fiancée KT Smith Speaks Out: “I Stand For Forgiveness And Building People Up So They Can Try Again”

Morgan Wallen’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama KT Smith is speaking out on the controversy surrounding her Wallen’s use of the n-word.

In light of the backlash, Wallen’s former fiancée took to her Instagram on Sunday (Feb. 7) to give her statement as many of her followers have asked for.

“Show Empathy, a sweatshirt I made a bit ago but now it resonates even more,” Smith captioned an image of her in a white sweatshirt that reads ‘Show Empathy.’ “A sweatshirt I made when the world wasn’t even near as cruel as it is right at this very moment.”

Although, she didn’t mention Wallen’s name in her post, it’s clearly evident that she is referencing the situation as she keeps getting asked for a statement surrounding the video that first surfaced on TMZ and her stance on the situation.

“Have I always shown empathy in every moment or situation? No. I haven’t.” Smith said. “I also don’t expect to be ridiculed for not always doing the right thing. I know the one and only person who is mistake-less is our perfect Creator. I know that he is the ONLY one who has ever deserved to cast a stone- and even then… He didn’t. Does He forgive? Every single time.”

Smith continued, “Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where people actively tried to forgive and work on themselves instead of tearing other people down in their spare time? Do I feel like people should have consequences for their actions? Absolutely. God gives us obstacles and mountains to show others how they can be moved.”

“We are all a work in progress, but the world we live in right now makes it so hard for us to correct our mistakes without being beaten down first.” Smith added. “Let’s be the change. Show empathy, forgive- and help build people up and let’s move the mountains together. You’ve asked for my statement, for my stance. Here it is. I stand for forgiveness and building people up so they can try again. Every single time. Like Jesus would. So please, next time you have all that hate built up – use that fuel to pick someone up, instead of pushing someone down.'”

The hitmaker’s ex ended her statement by saying, “Now, you asked for my statement- I’m not asking for yours.”

You can read her full statement on the Instagram post below.

The couple are no longer together, however, they co-parent their son, Indigo Wilder Wallen, who they welcomed on July, 10, 2020.

Smith’s statement follows Wallen’s sister Ashlyne who said his use of racial slur “did not come from a place of hate or malicious intent.”

Following Morgan Wallen’s use of a racial slurcountry artists spoke out, he was removed from most country radio stationsstreaming playlists, deemed ineligible and to have no involvement at the upcoming ACM Awards, dropped from all CMA and CMT platforms, removed from the roster of his booking agency and even “indefinitely” suspended from his recording contract at Big Loud.

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