Luke Bryan & His Wife Caroline Surprise Fan With $8,000 Adele Concert Tickets

“They spent eight grand on two tickets. I could not believe that,” the fan, named Elvis, told Bobby Bones.


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Posted on March 31, 2023

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Caroline Bryan, Luke Bryan; Photo via Facebook

Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline Bryan, recently went out of their way to make one lucky married couple’s 20th anniversary a day to remember. 

The “Country On” crooner, 46, recently texted Bobby Bones of The Bobby Bones Show after Caroline got word of one man’s wishes to surprise his bride with Adele tickets. The only problem: those tickets cost a fortune! 

The Fan Wanted To Surprise His Wife

According to Taste of Country, Elvis, a frequent listener of The Bobby Bones Show, called into the nationally syndicated program in early March to share his wishes of taking the love of his life on a date night to see Adele’s show as part of her Las Vegas Residency. 

Luke Bryan And Wife Caroline Bryan; Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Luke Bryan And Wife Caroline Bryan; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

At the time, Elvis didn’t expect for his dream to come true and, instead, aired his frustrations over the whopping $3,000.00 ticket price. When asked if he found anything under three grand, he said the cheapest seats he could find were still priced over a thousand bucks. So he couldn’t swing it for his anniversary. 

Elvis did, however, share that he planned on taking his wife to Las Vegas regardless so the Louisiana residents could sight see. 

And in the end, he did get to take his wife to see Adele in concert. 

Caroline & Luke Bryan Surprised Elvis With $8,000 Tickets To See Adele

It turns out Caroline had been listening in during his entire conversation with Bones. And, being the kind-hearted individual she is, she wanted to help make his dream a reality. After tuning into the on-air call, Caroline brought Elvis’ story to Bryan’s attention, telling him she wanted to gift the man with a pair of tickets. 

Per a post shared on The Bobby Bones Show Instagram page, Bryan, then, reached out to Bones, saying, “Hey man. Caroline just came and got me. She wants to help that guy out. She wants to buy him tickets to go to Adele.” 

Additionally, once Elvis heard about Caroline’s generous and thoughtful gesture, he couldn’t contain his appreciation and excitement. A segment dated March 14th finds Elvis sharing his reaction after Bones explains to him Caroline’s desire to help out in some way. 

“Oh, my God. I don’t know what to say,” Elvis responds in a recorded phone call between him and Bones. “Oh, my God!”

The Fan’s Tickets Were Really Close To The Stage

And this week, Elvis followed up with Bones once more to share that he did, indeed, receive tickets to Adele and that he and his wife had seats in proximity to the stage. He also told Bones that shortly after he learned Caroline wanted to help, he received a text from the Bryan’s assistant.  

“Right around lunchtime, I get a random text, and it’s Luke Bryan and Caroline Bryan’s assistant. She’s like, ‘Hey! Which show are you all trying to go see?’” Elvis explained while on-air with Bones, as heard in the Instagram post above. “And, she’s like, ‘Okay. Give me your email and your name as it is on your ID. So I did. And, like, 20 minutes later, she’s like, ‘Okay check your email.” 

“Sure enough. I go check my email, and [I see] two tickets confirmed!” He continued. “They spent eight grand on two tickets. I could not believe that. $8,000 on two tickets for us to go see Adele!”

Luke Bryan, Caroline Bryan; Photo Courtesy of CMA/ABC
Luke Bryan, Caroline Bryan; Photo Courtesy of CMA/ABC

Afterward, Bones inquired whether or not the tickets were actually on the stage with Adele due to the massive price tag. 

“No. I wish, but we were close,” Elvis replied. “It was an amazing experience.”

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