Kevin Lyman Teases Vans Warped Tour Replacement For 2021

After chatting with the Limelight Podcast back in April, Kevin Lyman has further teased a replacement or the return of Vans Warped Tour for 2021.

During his interview with Limelight Podcast in April, Lyman hinted that he “maybe [has] something [for] next Spring [2021], Maybe next Spring I’ve got a couple ideas, We’ll see.” Continuing to tease fans saying “I gotta get this paperwork, something in to someone and if they maybe want to work on something. It won’t be the traditional thing that maybe you’ve seen me do in the past.”

Now, Lyman has teased us even more with a Tweet to a fan that reads “It might just be called something else” in reply to a fans tweet that said, “If @KevinLyman doesn’t bring Warped Tour back next summer, there’s nothing for us emo kids to live for.”

The Vans Warped Tour celebrated their ending with the 25th Anniversary destination festival events on both the East and West coast. We hope this means he is bringing fans another summer or even a spring festival tour, but we will just have to wait to find out.

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