Is Vans Warped Tour Returning in Spring 2021?

Kevin Lyman was recently interviewed by the Limelight Podcast and he told them that he is working on something for Spring 2021, could it be the return of the infamous Vans Warped Tour?

Although he did hint that it isn’t the “traditional” thing that you would see Lyman put on like Warped Tour, Maybe it will be another weekend festival run for a new festival or an extension of Warped. We don’t know exactly what it is but Lyman did tease fans to look out for something coming in Spring 2021, if the person he is submitting paperwork to wants to get involved and work on something together.

Read/Watch the interview below:

“Do you have any kind of insight to when you might involve in another festival of some sort like if it’s not Warped like if it’s another?” asked Limelight Podcast host Geo Powell.

“Maybe something next Spring [2021], Maybe next Spring I’ve got a couple ideas, We’ll see,” Lyman replied.

“I gotta get this paperwork, something in to someone and if they maybe want to work on something. It won’t be the traditional thing that maybe you’ve seen me do in the past.” Lyman added.

“Okay, cool so maybe we expect something a little bit different.” Powell commented.

“Yeah, people are saying Hey we need Warped Tour back and I need one of you guys to create something better than Warped Tour. That’s what you gotta do, you’ve gotta create the next thing that’ll last 25 years.” Lyman said.

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