Kane Brown, Katelyn Brown and their daughters Kingsley Rose and Kodi Jane; Photos Courtesy of Instagram
Kane Brown, Katelyn Brown and their daughters Kingsley Rose and Kodi Jane; Photos Courtesy of Instagram

Kane Brown Loves That His Music Allows Him To Give His Family A Life He “Never Got To Have”

Kane Brown shared what he loves most about having a career in music is that he gets to provide his wife, Katelyn Brown, and their two daughters, Kingsley Rose and Kodi Jane, a life he never got to have.

During a recent interview with American Songwriter, the “One Mississippi” singer discussed a variety of topics, including his early life, family, and career.

“I love my family to death,” Brown said. “My wife is Superwoman. She’s up every morning at 6 a.m. with the kids. I tell her every time I come downstairs, ‘You’re Superwoman.’ There’s no way I can wake up that early. But I just love them to death. I love that I get to give them a life I never got to have. That’s what I’m working for now. I’m working to set them up in the future,” he later explained.

As a child, Brown endured both poverty and homelessness, Brown told the outlet. He was also subjected to racial slurs as a result of being bi-racial. In reflecting on his early life, Brown said music was his “escape.” He grew up listening to Tim McGraw–and later Usher–and would wear his headphones on the school bus. Still, he said he started to pursue a music career “by accident.”

“I was working at Lowe’s,” Brown added. “And I started singing, and this dude convinced me to do the [school] talent show. Once I did the talent show and heard everybody’s cheers—they made me do another song. I was like, maybe I could do this!,” he added.

Brown experienced another pivotal career moment when his cover of Lee Brice’s “I Don’t Dance” went viral on Facebook around 2014. Having gained a large surge in online followers after posting the Brice cover, his debut EP, Closer, was released the following year, followed by his self-titled first studio album in 2016, and his 2018 sophomore record, Experiment.

Kane Brown Is Working On His Third Studio Album

Brown also revealed that he’s in the process of making his third studio album, which will feature a duet alongside his wife, Katelyn.

“The third album I’m doing right now,” he said, “I’ve definitely taken my time and made sure of the songs that I want on there. Some I kicked off and put back on and kicked off again and now they’re back on,” he continued.

Offstage, Brown is married to wife, Katelyn, who reportedly met at Topgolf in Florida, with Brown sending her a message on Instagram afterwards. They wound up becoming a couple after falling in love and later got married in October 2018.

The couple welcomed their first child, Kingsley Rose Brown, a year after tying the knot. In December 2021, the pair surprised fans with the news that they had welcomed a second daughter, Kodi Jane Brown, after their decision to keep the pregnancy private.

Brown recently reacted to watching his older daughter become a big sister.

“I don’t know if [Kingsley] knows it’s her sister yet, but she is killin’ it,” Brown said. “Every time the baby cries… she’s like, ‘*gasp* Baby!’ She’s like, ‘Daddy, Daddy — baby!’”

“The other day… Kate was holding [Kodi] on the couch and the baby started crying. There was an empty bottle that Kate literally just fed her… [Kingsley] jumped up and got the bottle off of the table and gave it to Kodi,” he continued.

Brown is set to kick off another leg of his successful Blessed And Free Tour on May 7 with his first-ever Stadium concert in his hometown of Chattanooga. The tour will feature support from Walker Hayes, Chase Rice, and RaeLynn on select dates.

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