Kane Brown And Daughters Kingsley Rose & Kodi Jane; Photos Courtesy of Instagram
Kane Brown And Daughters Kingsley Rose & Kodi Jane; Photos Courtesy of Instagram

Kane Brown Says Daughter Kingsley Is “Killin’ It” As She Embraces Her Role As A Big Sister To Kodi Jane

In December 2021, Kane Brown and his wife, Katelyn, surprised fans when they welcomed their daughter, Kodi Jane. The birth of Kodi meant that their first daughter, Kingsley Rose, would no longer be an only child. Instead, she was bumped to “big sister” status, an adjustment that can sometimes be difficult for a 2-year-old, but Kingsley has embraced her new role like a champ.

Fans and close relatives were shocked when the “One Mississippi” singer and his wife finally shared the news of their secret pregnancy, which they had been keeping for months. We might not have known about the new baby on the way, but according to Brown, Kingsley had a hunch that something was up. 

While chatting with Audacy’s Katie Neal last week on Superstar Power Hour, Brown reveals that Kingsley “knew there was a baby” on the way, but he’s not sure that she totally grasped that concept.

Even Brown’s mom was kept in the dark about Kodi Jane. As a couple who is frequently photographed and approached by fans, they had to get creative in order to keep the secret between just the three of them.

“We definitely had some wardrobe changes and all kinds of things,” the country hitmaker told Audacy’s Mo & StyckMan.

Luckily, when things get tough for the family of four, Brown and Katelyn now have an extra pair of small hands to help out with baby Kodi.

“I don’t know if she [Kingsley] knows it’s her sister yet, but she is killin’ it,” Kane said of his oldest daughter with pride. “Every time the baby cries… she’s like, ‘*gasp* Baby!’ She’s like, ‘Daddy, Daddy — baby!’”

“The other day… Kate was holding her [Kodi] on the couch and the baby started crying,” he continued, sharing another example of the older sister instincts kicking in. “There was an empty bottle that Kate literally just fed her… [Kingsley] jumped up and got the bottle off of the table and gave it to Kodi.”

If all else fails, one thing is for sure, Brown and his wife are raising some responsible kids with incredible names. The reoccurring theme is the obvious K names in their family, so of course they wanted to keep that tradition going with their new baby. Before they settled on Kodi, Brown explains that they had another name in mind.

“The whole time when we had Kingsley, our next baby we were gonna name them Knight,” he shared. “We were hoping it was gonna be a boy at first, but when we found out it was gonna be a girl I was like, ‘We could still name her Knight.’ ”

The idea for Kodi’s first name came to Brown when he was sitting on his back porch with some friends during their gender reveal party.

“I was like, ‘What about Kodi?’ And everybody was trying to decide if we were gonna go ‘y’ or ‘ie,'” he recalls.

They then chose her middle name, June, after Katelyn’s grandmother who shares the same middle name, another reoccurring theme in their naming process.

“Kingsley has Kate’s middle name and her other grandma’s middle name.”

To celebrate their newborn, Brown and Katelyn both got tattoos of her beautiful name, as they also did with Kingsley Rose.  Brown revealed their new tattoos on social media, in an image of them holding hands showcasing his new ink on his hand and hers on her forearm. He stuck to just her first name, “Kodi,” while Katelyn chose to incorporate her first and middle name.


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