John Rich Stands Up For Jason Aldean: “Patriotism Is More Important Than Approval Of The Liberal Music Industry”

Never one to keep his political opinions quiet, John Rich is sharing his thoughts on Jason Aldean’s latest political posts.

The Big & Rich singer took to Twitter on Friday evening (Oct. 1) with a direct message for Aldean after the “If I Didn’t Love You” singer promised to “never apologize” for his beliefs.

“Welcome aboard, brother @Jason_Aldean,” Rich shared, alongside an American flag, in response to a news story about Aldean’s political beliefs.

Aldean’s “unapologetic” post came just days after his family was under fire for what critics called using his children as “political props” after they were photographed wearing anti-Biden t-shirts on Brittany Aldean’s Instagram.

Earlier in the day, right-wing host Sean Spicer Tweeted Rich and told him to add Jason Aldean and Brittney “to the list next” and he was quick to respond, praising their political stance.

“Yep. No more stupid games,” Rich wrote in response to Spicer. “Freedom of speech/thought and declaration of Patriotism is more important than the approval of the liberal music industry.”

Rich even went as far as to claim Aldean’s “sales will surge” and told fans to “hide and watch.”

Rich, who is fully supporting Aldean amid the controversy, also shared his thoughts on the current state of the U.S., claiming that if citizens keep quiet, things will continue to go down the wrong path as he says has happened in other places around the world.

“Slowly, Americans are starting to realize that if they stay silent, they lose their country,” he Tweeted. “Simple as that. Australia has reverted back to its original status as a prison colony because they ‘did what they were told.’ We were founded by fighters. Time to start acting like it.”

Rich recently took to Twitter to defend Aldean’s duet partner, Carrie Underwood, after she came under fire for liking a conservative Tweet.

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