Garth Brooks; Photo Courtesy of Facebook
Garth Brooks; Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Garth Brooks Reveals He Got Several Tattoos While In Ireland

Garth Brooks may be a worldwide country music star with several massive hits and awards under his belt. But one thing he has never had before is a tattoo. Well, that is – until now. Yep! The country music icon has new ink!

Brooks recently opened up about his fresh body art while guest-hosting the Country Countdown USA. He told the host of the show Lon Helton that he never truly expected to get the tattoo, but he got it because he promised his youngest daughter, Allie Colleen, he would years ago.

“So, My daughter Allie is pretty inked up. She is the one of my three daughters that’s pretty inked up,” Brooks, who is also dad to daughters, Taylor Mayne Pearl and August Anna, said. “She said, ‘Dad. I turn 18 in 2014.’ She goes, ‘Let’s go to Ireland and get a tattoo together. I said, ‘Okay. So, I promised her I would.”

Brooks went on to say that his 2014 show in Ireland ended up getting canceled. And, oddly, he felt some relief over the cancellation because he thought he was in the clear from having to get the ink done.

“When the debacle happened in 2014, I thought, ‘Well. I’m out of it,” Brooks, who recently wrapped five sold-out shows in Ireland, laughed. “It was the only thing where I was going, ‘Hey. This might work out okay for me because I didn’t end up getting a tattoo. But she texted me on the phone. She said, ‘Ireland’s coming.’ I said, ‘Yeah?’ She said, ‘Tattoo.’ That’s all she said.”

Although he has not publicly unveiled his new tattoos just yet, Brooks did share details on what fans can expect when they do see it. 

On Monday (Oct. 17), Brooks appeared on his weekly Facebook Live series, Inside Studio G, where he pointed out the spots on his body where he showcases his love for his family.

“It’s all about them! It’s front and left chest. It’s front and left back,” Brooks said. “And it’s a full sleeve. I have five women in my life, my mom, Miss Yearwood, and my three daughters. It’s all about them – and it’s all about them being on my shoulders, and around my heart and by my side. I love it… I know my three daughters have my back and are by my side ’til I’m in the grave. But something about having them inked on your skin right here, by your side the rest of your life – [is] pretty frickin’ cool. So my mother is on my shoulder, and Miss Yearwood is right here on my heart.”

Before getting the tattoos, Brooks mentioned getting one in the past and has spoken on the subject at the beginning of 2022. Now that he’s on the receiving end of new ink, he admits it has given him a different perspective on the subject.

“Well, the thing you’ll take for life is the tattoo,” Brooks said. “So with me forever, I’ll take the five women in my life, my mother, my three daughters, and Miss Yearwood, all in places on my body…. All close to my heart. So it was pretty cool.”

“I’m glad I did it. I don’t think – and you know if anybody asks, ‘Hell yeah! It hurts! It hurts really bad. But it’s pretty cool. And, when you talk about how close it is and what it means to you, I understand why people get them,” he added.

His off camera crew then asked if his wife, Yearwood, got a tattoo in his honor to which he replied, “She has had us on a tattoo on her for twenty-something years, I think. We started dating in 2000. I think she got a tattoo in 2002/2003 right before we were married. So it’s been very sweet of her to do that. I’m just not a tattoo guy.”

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