Allie Colleen And Garth Brooks; Photo Courtesy of Rick Diamond/Getty Images/Opry
Allie Colleen And Garth Brooks; Photo Courtesy of Rick Diamond/Getty Images/Opry

Garth Brooks Says He Will Get A Tattoo This Year To Fulfill His Promise To Daughter Allie Colleen

Garth Brooks is currently tattoo-free, but that’s about to change, because in 2022, he’s ready to fulfill a promise that he made to his youngest daughter of getting inked up.

During Inside Studio G, a weekly series hosted by Brooks on Facebook, the country hitmaker answered questions from his fans and at the end of the livestream, something pretty unique appeared on the screen behind him. A fan, who is an artist, reimagined the artwork for his third studio album, Ropin’ The Wind, adding tattoos to Brooks’ hands, neck and eye in the graphic, which made the chart-topping singer burst into laughter.

“What’s the deal? Is this what it could have been if we released [the album] in 2022?” Brooks asked of the artwork.

Upon seeing the graphic that gave him a fresh new look, Brooks revealed that the artist might not be too far off with this idea. Although he probably won’t be getting any big pieces of artwork tattooed on his neck, face or hands anytime soon, he did say that this could be the year that he finally gets his first tattoo.

There’s someone in the family who is strongly encouraging this new idea. Brooks is the father to three daughters – Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks, 29, August Anna Brooks, 27, and his youngest, Allie Colleen, 25. Allie has quite a few tattoos already, quite the opposite to her dad, but it seems as though she may have finally convinced him that it’s time to join the club and get inked.

“I owe my baby a tattoo… I owe my youngest a tattoo, and I’ve got to figure out what it’s going to be, but… it’s got to be done this year in 2022,” he explained. “So, we’ll figure it out. I’m thinkin’ something small like a sleeve or something. It looks like I’m going to start with the hands and throat kind of thing. We decided on it years ago, and this is the year I have to pay it off. So, we’ll get it done.”

During the same livestream, Brooks was also asked which song off his wife’s album is his favorite. Yearwood was quick to throw in her own guess, and it shows just how well she knows her husband.

“He probably likes ‘What Gave Me Away’ off of [my album] Every Girl, featuring Garth Brooks! I LOVE that song!!!!” she wrote in the comments.

“Man that song, there’s something about it. Me and Trisha Yearwood are married, so the whole nasty flirty thing shouldn’t be going on. But man there’s something about that song, which is just really sexy. It’s really sweet, but it’s 99% Mrs. Yearwood and 1% her current husband,” he said earning a laugh from the room.

This country music powerhouse couple has recorded several other duets together including “Like We Never Had A Broken Heart,” “In Another’s Eyes,” “Squeeze Me In” and “Shallow.”

Brooks is gearing up for his One-Man Show Las Vegas residency on February 4 and 5 at Dolby Live at Park MGM.

Following his one-man shows, he will be taking over yet another stadium on Saturday, May 21 at the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA, marking Brooks’ first time at the home of the New England Patriots.

Fast rising singer/songwriter Allie Colleen released her highly-anticipated debut album, STONES, which already has over 90k streams since its release late last year.

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