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Everything We Know About A Day To Remember’s New Album ‘You’re Welcome’

A Day To Remember’s highly-anticipated seventh studio album, You’re Welcome, is expected to be released sometime in 2020 after multiple release date changes. The album will however be released this year (2020), it is just a matter of when. We’ve compiled all of the information that we currently know about the forthcoming new album and you can read the details below.

Release date?

As of right now, the band does not have a confirmed date for the album’s release. The album was originally scheduled to be released on November 15, 2019, before the band postponed the release of the album to “early 2020” due to the album “just not being finished.

Frontman Jeremy McKinnon gave an update on the album saying “it’s really just taking that extra time to try every idea before we call it done,” earlier in the year.

On Twitter, Neil Westfall tweeted that the album is “coming soon. Finishing the last couple details.”

The band unveiled a new line of merch surrounding the release of their latest single “Mindreader,” which one of the shirts fans noticed that it read “007 2020″on their Mindreader Neon Tee, and are now guessing that the new record will be unleashed sometime in July of this year. (Pictured below.)

However, Fans have also come across the expected release date of April 24 on several different lyric websites including Genius, which is pictured below:

This album will be the band debut on their new label-home of Fueled By Ramen.

Songs released?

Three songs have been released thus far from the new album including the debut single “Degenerates,” “Resentment” and their just released song “Mindreader.” It is however currently unknown as to how many song will appear on the album’s track list. The band also released a collaborative track with Marshmello which is not on the album titled “Rescue Me.”

Maybe we will get a few more singles before the albums release, as Jeremy McKinnon and Kevin Skaff teased on their band zoom conference call on April 13. “Until this whole thing blows over, maybe we could just put out some songs,” said Skaff. “I’m down with that if you guys are,” McKinnon replied.

McKinnon also teased that the heaviest song of the band’s career is on this new album, revealing in a YouTube live chat that the song is called “Last Chance To Dance (Best Friend).” Neil Westfall even revealed that the song is heavier then their song “Violence (Enough Is Enough).”

Skaff also told WSOU that “It’s a longer album.”

Album Name?

The band has named the album, You’re Welcome, with the help of a fan actually and McKinnon elaborated to Kerrang on why the album was named that which you can read below:

“Well, I needed a hoodie for a show. It was our first show back from this massive time that we took off. Me and my wife had our first kid, the band was cool, and we pretty much took the whole year off to just be home, so I could be a part of that first year and help out. In the downtime, whenever I could, I’d be writing. So that’s really why we’ve been gone for so long. But for the first show back, I put on this outfit and was like, ‘Oooh, I need a white hoodie with this.’ So I went to the store and bought a white hoodie, and it said in red, ‘You’re Welcome,’ and the color matched my shoes that I was wearing, and I was like, ‘Oh, this is perfect!’ There was a photo that was taken of me at this festival that we’d played in Mexico where I’m singing, and I pull my hoodie and it says, ‘You’re Welcome’. I got tagged in the photo the next day, and the first comment said, ‘Calling it now: the new A Day To Remember album is called You’re Welcome!’ And because I read it online, completely unguarded, it kind of hit me like I was told the A Day To Remember record name for the first time. I sat there, and it kind of had me stunned (laughs). I was like, ‘I think I fucking love that.’ So it was named by a fan.”

Album art?

Kevin Skaff said in an interview with WSOU, “We still can’t find a good cover for the record. I know it doesn’t really matter nowadays, with streaming and everything, but we just want everything to be perfect before it comes out. And there are still a couple of songs that are still getting mixed that we just need to find the right mixer. It’s only getting pushed back, what? two, two and a half months, so it’s not too bad. It’s not like a Kayne [West] thing where it’s never gonna come out.”

The band doesn’t have album art yet and once they find it they will be completed with the album, Jeremy McKinnon elaborated in a live chat with New Found Glory’s Chad saying, “We essentially just have to get album artwork at this point.”

How does the new album sound?

The band told Rocksound that there are a “ton of songs that feel very different and there are bits that feel very much the same. They’re just put together differently so that they sound fresh. We’re pushing in so many different directions” continuing to say that “and I also think we’ve got one of the heaviest songs of our career on here as well. I’m really excited about that one. We had to make it match with the rest of the record in terms of production, but the bones of it is what makes me so excited.”

Skaff also told WSOU that, “It’s a longer album. There’s gonna be a bunch of songs on it… I think there’s a little something for everybody on it.”

In an interview with Kerrang, McKinnon explained that the new album’s sound saying, “Let’s use the A Day To Remember formula – the same thing that everyone has always known and loved about us – but let’s take on modern influences.’ Let’s take on modern structure with the small chorus into the big drop part, and let’s do that as a band, instead of electronic stuff. Let’s use some of those elements to make cool sounding stuff as we go, but keep it that A Day To Remember sound here, and let’s mess around with new song structure, and a modern production take, but keep that heaviness that is us. It’s just crazy.”

On Twitter, Neil Westfall tweeted that their is “something for everybody on this record,” continuing to elaborate that they are a multi-genre band and the new album is a good blend of all genres.

How far along is the album?

Frontman Jeremy McKinnon updated Rocksound on the status of their album in an interview recently saying that the album is coming but they are still in the “very final stages of finalizing the last few mixes,” continuing to explain about the album saying that the album artwork is “well underway and really close to being done as well.” 

In a tweet on February 10, Kevin Skaff said he was “listening to You’re Welcome,” could he be implying that the music was finished?

“We essentially just have to get album artwork at this point,” Jeremy McKinnon said to New Found Glory’s Chad during a live chat.

How many songs on the new album?

When asked the question of how many songs will be on the new record by Kerrang, McKinnon explained “That is a point of contention right now! You can imagine going from 40 to one album. It’s hard. We’re trying to figure that out still.”

On Twitter, a fan guessed the number of songs that will be on the album, estimating “15 songs at release, 17 on a deluxe,” and Westfall replied “medium warm.”

Have any of these songs been performed live?

Yes, “Degenerates” was performed live on their ‘Degenerates’ Tour in 2019 with I Prevail and Beartooth. “Resentment” was debuted during the band’s Florida residency in Orlando, FL at House Of Blues Orlando in November 2019. “Mindreader” was just released on Wednesday (April 15), so that song has yet to be performed live.

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We will continue to update this post as more details on the new album become known.

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