A Day To Remember’s Jeremy McKinnon Gives Update On Band’s New Album

A Day To Remember announced their seventh studio album, You’re Welcome, back in August 2019 with the expected release date of November 15, 2019, which has since been postponed to “2020” by the band. Although the album didn’t release, the band did go on to release several singles including Marshmello collaboration “Rescue Me,” “Degenerates” and “Resentment.”

Frontman Jeremy McKinnon updated Rocksound on the status of their album in an interview recently saying that the album is coming but they are still in the “very final stages of finalizing the last few mixes,” continuing to explain about the album saying that the album artwork is “well underway and really close to being done as well.” 

McKinnon continued to tease that the band will be making “some announcements” in “no time.”

He also told Rocksound the reasoning for the delay on You’re Welcome’s release explaining “Honestly, we just didn’t have all of the mixing in place. So there was a song or two that I still wanted to try some things on – because I’m always tweaking things as long as people will allow me to. I’m happy to say that I was allowed to do those things and I think everybody would agree that those two songs in particular sound much better. So it’s really just taking that extra time to try every idea before we call it done.

He elaborated that the album’s sound will vary depending on each track as they are giving each song to different producers to mix the song according to the specific genre of the song as they are sending certain poppier tracks to a producer who mixes pop well while also sending other tracks to a guy who mixes metalcore well.

McKinnon admitting that their album Common Courtesy was a “struggle,” as they thought their court case with Victory Records was going to end their career but it didn’t as they came out winning the case before releasing their album Bad Vibrations which he says “everybody needed so they could feel connected to the music again.”  

Jeremy then told Rocksound that for You’re Welcome they wanted to get into a room together a be a band again and whatever came from it came from it saying that “It was about creating together from scratch, which is the first time we’ve done that since the first two albums.” 

So now with this forthcoming new record McKinnon had “a bunch of songs saved up” and has a “label who wanted me to write just as much as possible and get me in a room with as many people who I thought were awesome creatively as possible.”

So get excited as the bands new album is ON THE WAY soon. Read the full interview with Rocksound HERE.

The new album, You’re Welcome, is set to arrive sometime this year (2020) via the bands new label home, Fueled By Ramen.

Jeremy McKinnon Says “Heaviest Song” of A Day To Remember’s Career is on ‘You’re Welcome’

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