A Day To Remember Gives Update on New Album, Teases New Single “Mindreader”

A Day To Remember’s highly anticipated new album, You’re Welcome, was originally set to be release on November 15, 2019 which got pushed back to “early 2020” due to the album “just not being finished.” Frontman Jeremy McKinnon then gave an update on the album saying “it’s really just taking that extra time to try every idea before we call it done,” earlier in the year. McKinnon also teased that the heaviest song of the band’s career is on the new album.

In a zoom conference call with A Day To Remember, the band teased on their new single “Mindreader” as well as their forthcoming new album which still does not have album art or a release date as of yet.

Read the transcribed conversation below:

“Do we have a release date?” asked Kevin Skaff.

“We do not have a release date yet,” said Jeremy McKinnon.

“We got album art?” asked Skaff.

“We do not have album art, it is still in the works.” said Jeremy Mckinnon.

“Until this whole thing blows over, maybe we could just put out some songs,” said Skaff.

“I’m down with that if you guys are,” McKinnon replied.

“I mean we gotta do something, I posted that we had to postpone our wedding and all the fans cared was the date of the record,” commented Alex Shelnutt.

“Should we type up a statement or something,” replied Skaff.

“I mean if they want to know what’s going on so bad, they should probably just call a psychic, I don’t know I got one they could use,” said Neil Westfall before giving fans a phone number to call  1(352)458-4759.

Upon calling the phone number, fans are connected to a the “mindreader psychic hotline,” teasing their April 15 single release of “Mindreader.” This single follows “Degenerates” and “Resentment” as songs from the forthcoming new album, You’re Welcome.

If you text the aforementioned number you will be added to the bands updates and phonebook to receive updates on the new album and more. Upon texting you will receive a message that says “Thank you for calling the Mindreader Psychic Hotline! Don’t miss your chance to find clarity and understanding. Click the link to stay in touch with me and A Day To Remember.” Upon clicking the link you accept the terms to allow the band to text you updates.

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