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From Ashes To New Cause “Panic” With New Single, Donating all Proceeds to Crew Nation

From Ashes To New have debuted their a new song “Panic,” with a chaotic music that is perfectly fitting for the current day problems the entire world is facing with the novel coronavirus pandemic, causing fear and panic across the globe. The song comes from their forthcoming album of the same name.

In the opening of the music video, the band shares a timeline of how the song came about including details on the music video shoot and how to came about with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Starting in September of 2019 when the band wrote “Panic” about general anxiety, continuing through their 2020 spring tour in February and planning to shoot the music video for the song in March 2020 in New York City with a live audience. But the novel COVID-19 went and cancelled those plans on March 10, just days before all tours were cancelled or postponed throughout the entire music industry.

“It was a race against the clock to get it all together. Our director ended up losing employees because they didn’t want to put themselves at risk, which is understandable.  They had to scrounge up some crew members to get it together and we had to travel to get a hotel that was willing to let us stay there and we had to find places that were open for us to eat.  Overall, it was a difficult scenario.  It was almost like a Book Of Eli post-apocalyptic situation where it was like fend for yourself,” explained vocalist/rapper, Matt Brandyberry.

On March 14, the band changed the music video shoot, with the band arriving to shoot the video on March 15 in Upstate New York which brought them the news of possibly not having food, lodging or a video crew for the video. Which ultimately ended up with portions of the crew and shoot location cancelling on the band due to CDC restrictions which led the band to a new direction for the shoot.

“What began as a video about general anxiety turns into an emotional release of total worldwide concern and its quick journey into a state of PANIC.” says From Ashes To New in the opening of the music video.

The video then launches with media panic caused by the news stations across the globe on worldwide television and a guy watching it from his couch freaking out inside with anxiety then cutting to live clips of the band performing in what appears to be an empty office which quickly gets destroyed throughout the video. Fans can also see clips showcasing cancelled music events throughout the video.

The new song and video will benefit Live Nation’s Crew Nation as they donate all proceeds to the cause to support music industry crews who are struggling to find work during the coronavirus outbreak.

Check out the new song “Panic” and watch the music video below:

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