Bryce Leatherwood; Photo Courtesy of The Voice/NBC
Bryce Leatherwood; Photo Courtesy of The Voice/NBC

Bryce Leatherwood Recalls Winning ‘The Voice,’ Talks Significance Of No. 22 & Getting To Know His Fellow Contestants

Bryce Leatherwood is opening up about his time on NBC’s The Voice.

In a new interview with Music Mayhem, Leatherwood discussed how he felt about being crowned this past season’s champion, the significance of the number 22, getting to know his fellow contestants, and more.

In reflecting on his Voice journey and ultimate season 22 win as part of Team Blake Shelton, Leatherwood described the experience as both “unique” and “surreal.” He also admits he initially “didn’t know what to think” when Voice host Carson Daly announced him as the winner.

“Man I didn’t know what to think to be honest. That was a moment that I’ll remember for the rest of my life just because of how surreal it was, how unique that situation was. I mean, only 22 people have ever had the right of saying that they’re The Voice champion,” Leatherwood told Music Mayhem. “I mean just thinking about it… it’s just mind-blowing and just this whole journey of mine is a figurative press on all the people who’ve impacted me and brought me along this journey.”


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The journey will be memorable for Leatherwood for many reasons. For one thing, the number 22 has played a significant role for the Georgia native throughout the competition.

Leatherwood competed on season 22 of The Voice while he was 22 years old in the year 2022. The singer says that 22 has always been his favorite number and its significance is evidence of a “bigger spirit” than himself being involved in the experience.

“Ever since I was a kid playing ball, I always wanted number 22,” he said. “So it’s crazy. It’s almost like the stars aligned. It’s mind-blowing. So I mean there’s a bigger spirit involved instead of just me. So I’m just very blessed.”

Competing on The Voice has also helped Leatherwood form meaningful relationships with his fellow contestants. Though he didn’t name names, Leatherwood said all the contestants “get along” and that he’s even written songs with some of them.


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“I’ve built relationships with all these people. I mean everybody, down to everybody because everybody has a story to tell. Everybody has a different sound and we all get along, it’s incredible to see all these journeys and all this, everybody from different backgrounds just coming into one conglomerate show and it’s just beautiful. So the greatest experience was meeting everybody for sure.”

He also shared that he has had some songwriting sessions with a few of his fellow contestants during their time on the show.

“There are several contestants [I’ve written songs with]. I’m not going to mention their names right now, but I’ve written with them and we’re going to put out some music pretty soon and it’s going to be good. So there are a lot of other artists I’d like to write with as well that we’re on the show and whoever wants to write, if anyone needs help, if anyone wants to write with me, you just call me and let me know,” he added.

Now that the show has ended for this season and Leatherwood is back home following his win, he’s already thinking about his next steps. Included in his list is meeting with his record label and releasing music “as soon as possible.” In addition, he says he wants to keep working.

“I’m just ready to work every day that I can. You know, there are no days off in this business, you just gotta keep grinding in any regard you can each and every day,” Leatherwood explained. “So I’m just ready to work. That’s my goal.”

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