A Day to Remember's Neil Westfall; Photo by Andrew Wendowski
A Day to Remember's Neil Westfall; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

A Day To Remember’s Neil Westfall Says Band Wanted to “Push The Boundaries” As Much As Possible in New Album Update

In a new interview with Kerrang!, A Day to Remember guitarist Neil Westfall chatted about the bands forthcoming seventh studio album, You’re Welcome. The highly-anticipated new album from the band that was originally set to be released in November 2019 via their new label home, Fueled By Ramen, but then the band postponed its release till “early 2020,” which has since been updated saying that it will come out later in 2020.

During the interview Westfall told Kerrang that the lyrical content “fit perfectly” for the current times as if the band “knew this was going to happen,” which he continued to joke “is really weird, because obviously we couldn’t have known that.” Continuing to tease fans, Westfall said “Wow, I know Jeremy didn’t know this was going to happen, but that really fits perfectly, and resonates with what’s going on.’ It’s going to be awesome, and I’m really excited for people to hear it.”

Further solidifying that the lyrical content fits perfectly for the current times saying that on their new single “Mindreader,” the lyrics are fitting for couples cause they been stuck inside with each other, “this is perfect because they’ve been stuck inside with their significant other having these little arguments.”

When asked if the three released songs best reflect the album’s sound, Westfall shared that it doesn’t as the album is “all over the place,” continuing to saying that he thinks “this album probably touches more genres than any other A Day To Remember album, and I feel like every song could live in its own world.”

He said that if you look at all three songs released and then maybe even a little bit of their “Rescue Me” collaboration with Marshmello and “combine all of those elements into one song, then that kind of could do it,” but it will still leave fans saying “Wow, I didn’t even know that they did that.”

The album was “written all over the place with a ton of different people, and a ton of different inputs,” and Westfall thinks that it really shows. Saying “it’s a very diverse album that still feels like A Day To Remember, which is what our goal was.”

Westfall said the band “wanted to push the boundaries” as much as they possibly could with it still “feeling like” A Day To Remember.

He confirmed that the album is “done and finished now” and that they are just finishing up the artwork for the album and continuing to make small tweaks to “make everything feel and flow” the way that they want it to. Continuing to say that changing up a few “small things that can make a really big difference,” and “It’s really hard, because there’s so much good stuff on here, and so much stuff that’s also good that isn’t quite done yet… there’s a lot of material, as always” when asked about how hard it is to pick what songs will make the album when there has said to be 42 demos.

In terms of genre and lyrics, He says that “you could listen to this entire body of work, and any type of fan that you are, whether you like us for our heavy stuff, or you like us because of the acoustic songs like ‘If It Means A Lot To You,’ it’s all represented in this album. And That’s in every sense of the word: genre, lyrically, themes… It’s all there.”

He teased that “a lot of things are coming,” as the band is utilizing this time to make a bunch of things that put them out, further elaborating that they have “got a lot of stuff in the works” and that can’t talk about it too much but to keep your eyes pealed on what they’re doing doing there is a lot of “stuff that’s coming…”

Read the full interview on Kerrang now, HERE. And here is everything else we know so far about the band’s forthcoming new album.

The band has released three songs from the forthcoming new album so far including “Degenerates,” “Resentment” and “Mindreader.” You’re Welcome is the follow-up album to their sixth studio album, Bad Vibrations.

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