Walker Hayes; Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Walker Hayes; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

WATCH: Walker Hayes Takes Fans Inside His Family’s Luxury Tour Bus

Fans get to see their favorite singers on stage during concerts and sometimes if they’re lucky, in person for a meet and greet, but not many get to step inside the mysterious large buses with heavily tinted windows that sit outside the venues. Walker Hayes decided to share what life inside his bus looks like for him and all seven of his family members, plus their two dogs.

On their way to a show in Ames, Iowa, a stop on Hayes’ The Fancy Like Tour, the viral hitmaker gave fans an exclusive look into what life on the road looks like for an artist with a big family accompanying him.

“It’s not glamorous by any means,” Hayes said as he wobbled around on the moving bus. With a bit of help from his kids, Hayes moved the camera around, starting with the entrance to the bus which has the “dinner table/school desk” as his son called it, and their kitchenette, which of course featured their Keurig coffee maker and a few TVs. 

He then moved on to reveal the “tiny” bathroom and the fairly empty fridge and freezer, except for the essentials – a bottle of Mountain Dew and rows of protein shakes. His wife, two dogs and a few kids gathered in the king bunk, also known as the “dog bunk,” while he continued on, showing the rest of his children in their respective bunks doing normal activities like watching TV, wrestling and just being themselves. The “AA” singer explained that he likes to sleep in the bottom bunk right across from his wife, who has a bunk of her own. 

After getting to the back of their home-on-wheels, Hayes graciously said, “That’s what we roll on. Praise God we get a bus so we can sleep at night and then just wake up and do shows, it’s awesome.”

He signed off the nearly five-minute long video by thanking his fans and saying, “Just wanted to say ‘hey y’all,’ and show you around the bus. We’re just grateful, it’s frigging awesome.”

Even though life on the road isn’t something a lot of people get to experience, Hayes revealed that they are still a normal family who takes off their shoes at the front door, plays hoops during free time, hangs up photos on the wall “just to keep it wholesome (and) family-rific,” and plays games together to wind down at the end of the night.

The Hayes family likes to have fun together both on and off the bus. During a recent stop on the tour, Hayes shared a hilarious family moment captured on video from the side of the stage, when a few of his kids unexpectedly pulled out cans of silly string and chased him around the stage as he continued to sing his GRAMMY-nominated hit, “Fancy Like.” They gave him a hug and a pat on the shoulder before leaving the stage to let their dad finish his set. 

When it comes down to it, Hayes is a family man at heart. His career skyrocketed when he started sharing videos dancing with his kids on TikTok, and now he gets to bring them on the road and even up on stage to dance it out in front of a real audience, and not just behind a screen.

Hayes will continue to embark on his massive headlining Fancy Like Tour through April 30, where the tour will wrap up in Louisville, Kentucky. Tickets for Walker Hayes’ Fancy Like Tour are on sale now.

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