WATCH: Kacey Musgraves Takes Fans Inside Her Nashville Home, Shows A Framed Joint From Willie Nelson

When it comes to decorating her home, Kacey Musgraves says she is trying to “embrace a minimalistic style” and make it really feel like it’s her space. She does this with her impressive plant wall, family portraits, craft spaces, unique…


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Posted on April 20, 2022

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Kacey Musgraves, Framed Joint From Willie Nelson; Photo Courtesy of YouTube

When it comes to decorating her home, Kacey Musgraves says she is trying to “embrace a minimalistic style” and make it really feel like it’s her space. She does this with her impressive plant wall, family portraits, craft spaces, unique pieces found at antique markets and estate sales, and much more.

“I wanted a place that felt like me,” she says, “where I could express myself without having to think about another person and what they might want. This felt like a new beginning.”

Soon after her divorce with ex-husband Ruston Kelly in 2020, Musgraves purchased her current property. Now, she’s showing fans what life looks like inside her home (via Architectural Digest) during the more peaceful moments that take place outside of her busy schedule. When it comes to decorating, Musgraves has chosen to prominently feature things that really matter to her.

While she is trying to keep things simple, there is no shortage of “tchotchkes,” which is what Musgraves calls the things she collects to remind her of places she has been. 

“A lot of the stuff I found just at antique stores, estate sales. That’s one of my favorite things to do is to get up on a Saturday with the early birds and, you know, try to find some bargains at estate sales.”

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In the same corner, she keeps more personal things like photos of her family and friends and momentous fan art. Moving into the art room, which she admitted does not get used as often as she’d like, Musgraves showed off her supply of tools for painting and her latest hobby, clay pottery.

“I’m gone a lot, and then, you know, whenever I’m here I don’t always have the energy to be creative again, but whenever I do, I really love this room,” she explained.

Kacey Musgraves Owns A Frame Joint From Willie Nelson

Perhaps one of the most unique items that she has collected and is proudly displayed inside her home, is a framed joint from the legendary Willie Nelson.

“He rolled this huge fatty and we all sat around and smoked it with him,” Musgraves shared in the clip. “Then he said, ‘Save the rest for another time,’ and I did.”

“That’s gonna stay there unless I need to break it in case of emergency,” she joked.

One of the “Rainbow” singer’s favorite rooms in the house, besides her bedroom, is one that embraces a tasteful monochromatic moment and serves as her creative songwriting space. Once again, this room features some historic and lucky pieces that not many other people could say they have in their possession. 

“The color, it’s called dead salmon, which is kind of a vibe I guess, but I wanted everything to be the same color of the ceiling. I love a monochromatic moment…this is probably the most musical room of the house. It’s where I kind of feel most inspired to kind of pickup my guitar, or kind of work on a song idea, and actually I just got this guitar that I wanna show you. It’s from the 1860s and it’s a little Martin,” she said showing off the guitar. “It’s very lightweight. If you hear that rolling around in there, there was a rattlesnake tail in there whenever I got it, and it was apparently an old superstitious thing with musicians where they’d put that in there and they thought that it would bring them song luck, so I’m leaving it in.”

Her bedroom, where she spends most of her time, was changed from its original dark green to bright neutrals, giving the room a glowy look. It features a custom-made headboard, several pieces of art, and a uniquely designed chair that although she doesn’t sit in, is used a great holding place for clothes. 

Musgraves concludes her tour in the backyard that has a pool at the center and is surrounded by magnolia trees and lights strung across the top. 

“There’s a lot of craziness in my life, so I really wanted a really serene space to come home to that felt kinda like honestly, a spa, and a place where I could find room for my thoughts. I do love modern architecture and lines, but I get wary sometimes with modernity being, is that the word, being sterile and kind of cold feeling, so it was really important for me to have a lot of different textures maybe of the same tones. Sexture as I call it.”

Musgraves will headline Palomino Festival in July of 2022, performing alongside Willie Nelson & Family, Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit, Turnpike Troubadours, Orville Peck, Old Crow Medicine Show and more.

Palomino Festival will take place on July 9 at Brookside At The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

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