Cardi B and Jimmie Allen; Photo Courtesy of Facebook Watch
Cardi B and Jimmie Allen; Photo Courtesy of Facebook Watch

WATCH: Jimmie Allen & Cardi B Sing Countrified Rendition Of “Money,” Bull Ride, & Learn To Line Dance

Jimmie Allen and Cardi B teamed up to learn how to line dance on an Apr. 29 episode of Cardi Tries. In addition, the pair sang a countrified version of the rapper’s 2020 hit song, “Money.”

“I want to get a piece of that [country music] pie,” the rapper shared at the beginning of the 16-minute episode titled, Cardi Tries: Country. The rapper then met up with country singer, Allen in a honky tonk in Los Angeles.

“So I don’t know nothin’ about country music, country culture, anything,” the rapper admitted to Allen. 

“This is called honky tonkin’,” Allen responded, gesturing around the bar they were in. “Where they play country music, have beer, and line dancing.”

“Do people honky tonky [line dance] to your music?,” Cardi asked him. The singer responded, “yes,” adding that people line dance to her music as well.

Allen went on to explain that the term, “honky tonk” is more about the atmosphere of the bar and that a honky tonk is a country bar.

From there, Allen helped Cardi country up her wardrobe by giving her a black bedazzled cowboy hat before they learned how to line dance and ride a mechanical bull.

“Does Reba know how to do this?” Cardi asked while she and Allen received their line dancing lesson.

“I’m nervous like I’m auditioning for something,” Allen added.

Upon the conclusion of the lesson, Cardi shared that learning how to line dance was like learning the “country electric slide.”

Following the line dancing lesson, Cardi’s next task was to learn how to ride a mechanical bull.

Before the fun started, Cardi and Allen did a shot of whiskey together.

“One thing is I go to sleep when I drink,” Cardi said. “I can’t drink, I’m like a grandma,” she explained. “I have to take that whole shot? It’s not even three o’clock.”

“It’s five o’clock somewhere,” Allen responded, which prompted the rapper to laugh.

Allen then explained how to ride the mechanical bull, with Cardi trying it out. “That was difficult,” she said after the experience.

“You made it look easier than it was,” Allen told her.

The episode ended with a performance of Cardi and Allen singing “Money” back inside the honky tonk for a bunch of country fans.

After their performance, Cardi B gushed that she loved their countrified rendition of the rap hit.

“I really like the little remix, I feel like it should be a real song,” Cardi said, before Allen said, “we should legit do that version.”

Cardi then questioned, “You think they’d accept me in Nashville?” Allen assured the award-winning “WAP” singer that they would “of course” accept her. Allen then surprised Cardi with a custom Cardi B belt buckle as he officially welcomed her into the country music community.

“Y’all tell Taylor Swift I’m coming for her, Reba, I’m coming for you, Dolly Parton, I’m coming for you,” Cardi joked after she put the buckle on.

“I might just do a country album next,” Cardi wrote on Twitter while promoting the episode with Allen.

The episode is available to stream on social media, including Watch Together via Messenger.

Cardi’s 2018 debut album, Invasion of Privacy was certified platinum back in March by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Allen is preparing to release his latest album, Tulip Drive on June 24. He is currently performing on his headlining tour, which features support from American Idol season 19 winner, Chayce Beckham and Neon Union.

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