Cardi B, Dolly Parton, CHER; Photos by Andrew Wendowski
Cardi B, Dolly Parton, CHER; Photos by Andrew Wendowski

Is Dolly Parton Teaming Up With Cardi B & CHER For A Collaboration?

Dolly Parton and Cardi B are two artists that no one would expect to hear on the same track because of their different audiences and wildly different themes within their music, but it’s not impossible according to the “Jolene” singer.

First Parton said she had an interest in releasing a rock album one day and now, she is saying that isn’t opposed to dipping her toes into the pop/rap genres and possibly collaborating with “WAP” singer Cardi B. 

Parton recently told E!’s Daily Pop that she “might” be down to work with one of the most popular rappers today, Cardi B, “if she’s willing” to work with her.

“I know she’s a character, and I know she’s an original,” Parton shared.

The “9 to 5” singer also brought up the idea of incorporating the iconic singer-songwriter, Cher. Dolly explained that her old friend could incorporate the “WAP” rapper on a project bigger than just a single track.

“I would love to do something with her sometime, a TV show or a movie,” Parton said of Cher. “We’ll have Cardi B on that same show, let Cher host it, and me and Cardi B will be the entertainment.”

This is not the first time Parton’s name has crossed paths with Cardi B. In 2019, she spoke with NME in regard to their shared criticism of their looks and unique personas that makes them stand out within the music industry. 

“That’s why I think I do relate to all them,” Parton said about today’s music stars, such as Cardi. “I do see pieces of myself in that. The boldness of it.”

“I think it’s great for you to know who you are,” she continued. “I just respect and appreciate people for what they do and having the balls to do it.”


This could be one of the most talked about collaborations if they were to actually get into the studio together in the future. At this point, only time will tell.

Going back to the potential rock album, the idea came about when Dolly recently made a statement on social media claiming she wanted to withdraw her nomination to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

She explained her decision writing, “Dolly here! Even though I am extremely flattered and grateful to be nominated for the Rock  & Roll Hall of Fame, I don’t feel that I have earned that right. I really do not want votes to be split because of me, so I must respectfully bow out.”

“I do hope that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame will understand and be willing to consider me again – if I’m ever worthy,” she continued before sharing that the nomination has inspired her to one day make the rock album that she has “always wanted to do” and that it’s something her husband has always supported as he is a “rock ‘n’ roll freak.” 

The organization did end up denying her request to be removed from the ballot mostly because the voting process has already begun, but they respected her reason for wanting to pull out of the running. 

“Dolly’s nomination, along with the other 16 artists for the class of 2022, was sent out earlier this month to our 1,200 general ballot voters, the majority of whom are artists themselves, for consideration for induction at our ceremony,” the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation said in a statement to USA TODAY. “We are in awe of Dolly’s brilliant talent and pioneering spirit and are proud to have nominated her for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

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