Tommy Lee Praises Machine Gun Kelly For Playing Him In ‘The Dirt’: “He F**king Murdered It”

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) played Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee in their Netflix documentary, The Dirt, and in a recent interview on Steve-O’s Wild Ride, the Motley Crue drummer praised his acting and drummer skills.

During the interview the host chatted with Lee about MGK’s role as him in The Dirt.

“Machine Gun Kelly f-*king murdered it,” Lee said. “It was so funny, I’ve known that guy for a couple years right and he calls me up and goes ‘dude, you’re not going to believe this’ and i’m like ‘what?’ He goes ‘dude i’m f-*cking playing you in the movie.’ and I was like what!”

Lee went on to explain how they are very similar and that MGK is the perfect person to play his persona in a movie as they are a lot alike and share the same shape, form and are both hyper individuals.

“So I was like ‘no f-*cking way’ cause we got updated once in a while on who was getting casted and whatever but I never saw his name come through. I didn’t even know he was, so he goes dude I got the script, i’m coming over, i’m going to f-*king make you proud,” Lee explained.

The Crue drummer continued to gush over the “Bloody Valentine” singers determination to make him proud and play the part as best as he possibly can.

“I want to know exactly what the f-*k every line, I want to know what went down, if it didn’t go down like that, how did it go down,” Lee continued. “I want to f-*king nail this! So he came over, we spent a couple of days going through the script and then he went out and took like four months of drum lessons, learning the spinnings and all the sh*t that I do. All my intricacies, just mannerisms, when I play. And dude it was so bizarre, I never seen somebody that dedicated to nailing something. He was like I want to know this, I want to know that, i’m going to take the lessons and i’m going to murder this.”

Steve-O then chimed in to explain a moment that MGK added to his live concert after playing Lee in the film and he says it was just incredible.

“Dude, so killer, then on his tour, he’s a f-*king rapper but every night on his tour his drummer and him would switch spots, so they could play the actual title track ‘Shout At The Devil,’ and it was just incredible.” Stevo-O added. “Talented, talented kid.”

Lee added, “That’s so rad but I think that Rooks, his drummer, is the guy who spent the time with him for several months, just showing him ‘hey this is how you do this,’ pretty wild man.”

Watch the full interview between Lee and Steve-O below.

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