TikTok Star Caden McGuire Makes His Country Music Debut With New Single, “Down Bad”

“Down Bad” marks Caden McGuire’s first-ever song and debut as a country singer.


Melinda Lorge


Posted on April 14, 2023

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Caden McGuire; Photo Provided

Rising country singer/songwriter and TikTok content creator Caden McGuire just released his debut single, and it’s a perfect party anthem for the warm summer nights with the windows rolled down.

Titled “Down Bad,” McGuire wrote the catchy tune with songwriters Ricky Rowton, David Medlin, and Thomas Johnson.

Produced by Jake Parshall, the song, which features Ricky Rowton and dropped at Midnight on Friday (April 14), finds McGuire falling for a girl’s good looks and charm. When he meets her at a bar, he ends up spending all his money to buy her drinks, only to find out that she wasn’t planning on getting serious with him outside of their flirtatious night out.

Spending all my money on a dime that I ain’t got / But man she looks pretty sipping something on the rocks / she shot her girls a wink when I bought her first drink / It’s crazy I was blind and I didn’t even think / She’s got it down pat / She’s got me down bad / She got a tab on a stranger how bout that / She’s got it down pat / Mhm man got me down bad,” McGuire fires off the sing-along lyrics of the intoxicating chorus.

Listen To Caden McGuire’s Debut Single “Down Bad” Below

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Rhythmically, “Down Bad” features a radio-ready beat with relaxing guitar riffs. Meanwhile, McGuire’s smooth tenor vocals with a tinge of twang puts him in the same sonic space as many talented singer-songwriters on Artist to Watch lists.

A lighthearted cut, McGuire, who has garnered over 2.5 million followers on TikTok, tells Music Mayhem that “Down Bad” was “Inspired by my ex-girlfriend who used to get free drinks all the time.” 

Before releasing the track, the TikTok star took to Instagram several times to tease the song. In one post, he writes, “Unfortunately, I’m one of those guys. 🫣 y’all know a girl like this? 😅 TWO WEEKS!!! GO PRESAVE IT!!!” 

“THIS SONG COMES OUT THURSDAY NIGHT!!!! Y’ALL READY?!??” He captured another post. 

“MY FIRST-EVER SONG DROPS AT MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!!!!!! You know I had to celebrate extra by catching some fish 🫡 CATCH FISH…not feelings,” he wrote in another Instagram post, which shows a picture of him holding up two fish while on the water. 

Coinciding with the debut release, McGuire also played a concert at Nashville’s Twisted Wool. The April 13th show also featured music by Ricky Rowton.

McGuire’s debut release comes after he was recently injured in a car accident. On Feb. 23 – the day of the accident – the burgeoning country star was riding in the passenger vehicle in Nashville with KT Smith (Katie Smith), who was in the driver’s seat. After the wreck, McGuire took to social media to let fans know how he was doing.

“I’m running out of lives, but I ain’t dead yet,” he captioned a photo of himself giving fans a thumbs up.

“Hardy once said, ‘I woke up in my boots this morning,’ You think my elbows bad? You should see the other truck,” he later shared with an image of him lying in a hospital bed. “I’ll never know why God let us walk out of this accident. But I’m forever thankful He did. I’ve taken advantage of His love and Grace recently. Jesus, I love you. Thankful me and @jombo_imkt are both alive and well.”

@hardy “I woke up in my boots this morning” Last pic. I’m gonna post from that wreck, but I saw this and thought it was way too good to not share w yall 🤣🤣. We’re healing really good and starting to get good mobility back. Big plans for the future, and I’m so excited to share them with y’all!!! And thanking the Lord daily for keeping me here to chase my dreams that He placed in my heart!!! 2023 LETS GET IT,” McGuire captioned a third post. 

This, of course, won’t be the last time fans get to hear McGuire sing as he says he has more material to come soon. 

“I have a few other singles I’m working on at the moment that I believe a lot of people are going to like in a variety of ways,” he shares. “I’m planning on hardcore focusing on songwriting for a while and getting some really good stuff lined up and made. [I’m] planning on releasing two to three more songs by the end of the year!”

Caden McGuire "Down Bad" Single Art
Caden McGuire “Down Bad” Single Art

Along with music, McGuire, who continues to grow an organic fan base online says, “[I’m] really focusing on making people happy with my social media presence and letting people see the good in things. I want to help people stay positive, and always see the bigger and brighter picture, and to keep God first in their life.” 

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