Thomas Rhett, Photo by Dan Videtich; Nic D, Photo Courtesy of Facebook
Thomas Rhett, Photo by Dan Videtich; Nic D, Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Thomas Rhett Reacts To Nic D’s “Kitchen”: “Never Heard My Name Dropped In A Song Before”

Thomas Rhett reacted to Nic D’s song, “Kitchen” which mentions the “Slow Down Summer” singer.

Rhett shared his reaction via his Instagram stories, writing, “never heard my name be dropped in a song before haha,” before tagging Nic D’s account.

Nic D, also known as Nicolas Benjamin Donovan, is an independent Christian hip hop artist out of Culpeper, Virginia. He released his song, “Kitchen” back in April of 2021.

I guess nobody told you this kitchen’s for dancin’ / Throw on a Thomas Rhett baby ain’t nothin fancy / Give me your hand / Let me remind you I’m your man / Give me your hand / Let me remind you I’m your man / And find me, find me when you get home / And maybe I’ll turn some music on / And we can just dance,” Nic D sings, referencing Rhett in the first verse.

Nic D is also well known on the popular social media platform, TikTok, where he shares his music. In addition, Nic D hosts the Feels Right Don’t it (FRDi) show with his friend and videographer, Cakes Mitchell.

Nic D boasts 2,515,796 monthly listeners on Spotify. He released a 16-track album called, This Can’t Be It in 2020 and has also pushed out a variety of singles this year, including, “Gasoline,” “Skin like summer,” “Suit,” “Cotton Candy,” “Minefield,” “Nobodies,” and others.

Nic D’s most recent release is “Skin like summer,” which dropped May 20. The track was produced with the help of 100 Graham, who has also found success on TikTok, and was engineered by fellow artist JXHN PVUL.

Though Nic D produces music within the rap/hip-hop genre, he appears to be a fan of Rhett’s. Nic D not only name-dropped Rhett in his song, “Kitchen,” he also follows the country singer on Instagram.

And although Nic D and Rhett are artists in different genres, they share something in common: both write music inspired by their wives.

Nic D penned the song, “Fine Apple” about his wife, thanking fans on TikTok for getting the song to 500,000 streams “so fast.”

I like my water with lemon and lime / That’s cause they’re better combined / Kinda like us, you and I / If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine apple / If you were words, you’d be the fine print,” Nic D sings on the track.

Nic D says he’s “always had the desire to create” and “loves to inspire and be inspired.” Besides music and his podcast, he is also passionate about photography.

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