Theo Von And Morgan Wallen; Photo Courtesy of YouTube
Theo Von And Morgan Wallen; Photo Courtesy of YouTube

Theo Von On Morgan Wallen: “He’s Not A Racist Guy And That’s Obvious To Most Human People With A Brain”

Comedian Theo Von commented on the Morgan Wallen controversy in an episode of his popular podcast, This Last Weekend, that featured stand-up comedian Bryan Callen.

During the podcast, Callen brought up the topic with Von asking him, “what happened with this country singer who used the n-word, I think people kind of galvanized… Did people go this is too much or what?”

Von filled Callen in on the Wallen situation, while also explaining that Wallen is actually a friend of his, and that he also appeared on the podcast a few months ago.

“Morgan, he’s a friend of mine, he was on a podcast. He was on a couple months ago, he used it, he called his [white] friend the n-word in the street and he came back and apologized,” Von explained. “He said ‘i’m gonna try to do better’ and you know the media did what they did, [and] they ripped him up.”

“What got me was that is that suddenly there was news articles that would never even watch Morgan [Wallen], that was the guys name,” Von continued. “And they’re using him in their titling, like the n-word, so they’re basically using the n-word to get you to go [click the article]. So, whose really using it? One guy who uses it on the street, calling his white friend the n-word.”

“Or the white press that makes money by getting clicks,” Callen chimed in.

The This Last Weekend podcast host then explained that there is music with the same word in it that got him cancelled. That is easily accessible to everyone on both streaming services and that’s available to purchase.

“I mean and he came out and said it for himself, and he said you know what he wanted to say on it so it’s like it’s his thing but it’s just crazy that on certain platforms, you can go and buy the n-word and listen to it, you know?” Von added. “You can pay $2 dollars for it, $1.99 for a song and go listen. It’s like maybe don’t make it available to white people.”

Callen added, “I think that this guy some how got… I think they tried to cancel him and I think his fans were like now we’re going to buy all his stuff anyway.”

After Von admitted that Wallen may be suffering the consequences of his actions right now, he thinks he will “have the biggest tour in the world in a couple years.” As he continued to share that he was actually at Wallen’s house “a couple nights before the video stuff [surfaced] and there were black guys over there with him.” Later adding, “I’ve seen racist people, He’s not a racist guy. And that’s obvious to most human people with a brain.”

Von also gushed over Wallen telling Callen, “his music is just great and he’s a great kid.”

Watch the full clip of their conversation below.

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