Kane Brown and His Daughter Kingsley; Photos Courtesy of Instagram
Kane Brown and His Daughter Kingsley; Photos Courtesy of Instagram

Kane Brown Shares “Super Proud Dad Moment,” When His Daughter Kingsley Recognized His Music

Kane Brown shared an adorable moment when he discovered that his 1-year-old daughter Kingsley recognizes his music.

During a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Brown discussed his forthcoming new album, working at Lowes, his Opry debut and a “super proud dad moment” that he will never forget.

The unforgettable daddy-daughter moment that Brown detailed was when Kingsley recognized her dad’s Platinum-certified track “Be Like That” playing on the radio.

“The other day it was funny, I didn’t really know if she [Kingsley] knew my music,” Brown explained. “We were doing out thing outside by the pool and my song ‘Be Like That’ came on and she immediately stopped what she was doing and looked at the radio and just walked over towards it. So, I was like ‘oh okay, so you do know my songs. It was a super proud dad moment.”

After an adorable clip of his daughter hysterically laughing played, Brown told the Access Hollywood hosts that she “will be two in October,” before telling them some of her favorite things to do. Later admitting that, “anytime she [Kingsley] frowns, I hit the ground.”

“She loves to wake me up by standing on my head,” Brown said. “she loves to give me kisses while I’m asleep and she loves to just basically hit me in the face and make herself laugh.”

Brown also admitted that he is so grateful that he got to make his Opry debut with a song that he for Kingsley called “For My Daughter.”

“I got to play a song I wrote for my daughter just telling her, you know, I grew up without a dad and I’ll be the best one I can be and I figured that was such a huge milestone for us. So, I’m just so grateful that I got to do it, and sing that song, so she can look back and see that.”

Watch the full interview below.

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