Tayler Holder Becomes The Most-Followed Country Singer On TikTok With Over 20 Million Followers

Holder has more followers on TikTok than Carrie Underwood, Morgan Wallen and Shania Twain.


Melinda Lorge


Posted on April 9, 2023

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Tayler Holder; Photo Courtesy of Getty Images for CMT

The name Tayler Holder may be new to the ears of many country music fans, but that is bound to change in due time as the rising country artist now boasts more followers on TikTok than some of the biggest artists in the genre. 

Holder holds the title of being the most-followed country singer on the popular social media platform with 20 million followers, his socials combined have garnered over 30 million total followers.

Next in line to that number combining all socials is eight-time GRAMMY winner Carrie Underwood with 12.4 million, record-breaking hitmaker Morgan Wallen with 5.2 million, and legendary crossover superstar Shania Twain with 2.1 million, per a press release.


Mama bear’s first red carpet 🤠❤️ @wendyh8294

♬ Everything I Love – Morgan Wallen

CMT Music Awards Red Carpet Debut

Holder’s crowning claim comes after he made his red (aqua) carpet debut at the 2023 CMT Music Awards in Austin, Texas, on Sunday (April 2) night. The Alverado native sported a black suit with added sparkle and paired his outfit with a simple black cowboy hat. Holder also had his mother in tow for the big event, and she accompanied him on the red (aqua) carpet wearing a dress that complimented her son’s attire to perfection. 

Tayler Holder; Photo Courtesy of Getty Images for CMT
Tayler Holder; Photo Courtesy of Getty Images for CMT

Tayler Holder wasn’t nominated for an award, and he didn’t have a performance booked for the ceremony, but he did say he was more than thrilled to be a part of a special evening for his peers. 

“Dream Come True”

While chatting with Music Mayhem guest correspondent, Demps, Holder said, “I’m seeing all of these people that I’ve looked up to for so long, and for so many years, that it’s absolutely a dream come true. It’s been amazing. My mom is here. I get to be here with her. It’s my first CMT, first red carpet for us ever to be on together.”

“It was an exhilarating time for me to see all the artists that I have looked up to and admired. I had such fun walking the carpet and connecting with the industry that I have built a relationship with, and it was very special for me to take my biggest supporter – my mother to such a lifelong memory,” Holder said in a press release, reflecting on the night of a lifetime. “I am so thankful to CMT for supporting me the way they have, and it makes me want to work harder to create music and perform better and better!”  


@itstaylerholder admitted that being at the 2023 #CMTAwards was a “dream come true.” @d_demps93

♬ It’s You – Tayler Holder

“It’s You”

Holder may have grown his fan base on TikTok as an influencer lip-syncing videos, but since 2021, he’s been making a name for himself in the country sphere with songs like his 2022 viral TikTok hit “It’s You.” The track finds Holder admitting he doesn’t have all the fancy things in the world, but his love for a certain someone is stronger than anything anyone can give. 

Don’t know what to say know that I should take it slow / Can’t wait another day, girl, I gotta let you know / Is I want you here with me got me thinking about it right now / No one else in the world has been able to come and break all my walls down / I didn’t realize until tonight that you were the reason I’m on my knees / The truth is, girl, I think, it’s you,” Holder sings throughout the chorus of the summer love song. 

YouTube video


Another track, “Drive,” has Holder flaunting a delicate whisper as he sings about whisking someone away for a night of fun. 

“‘Drive’ is about being out and meeting a really amazing person, whether it’s at a party or a bar you guys are just locked,” Holder tells Taste of Country about the tune, which he wrote with Shay Mooney, Daniel Ross, Benjy Davis, Simon Jay, and Luke Shrestha. “Y’all haven’t felt something like this in a long time. So it’s saying, just be present with me and show me what it feels like to fall in love for a minute or two!” 

YouTube video

“Marry You”

Holder’s latest offering, a romantic tune called “Marry You,” is the perfect wedding day track as it has him crooning his love for someone and pouring his heart out with lyrics like: “I’ll spend every day telling you those three words / For better or worse / Forever girl I do / Oh I just wanna marry you.”

The ballad was based on Holder’s love life. And, despite things not working out, he says he still remains friends with the former romantic partner. 

“When I first met this person, I totally fell for them,” Holder told PEOPLE of the song he wrote alongside CB30’s Christian and Brody Clementi. “Just everything about [this person] was everything that I wanted my partner to be, so I wrote this song about going through that process of meeting and hanging out — all these moments that would lead up to one day, you know, marrying this individual.”

“I think we’ve decided we’re better friends from a distance,” he continues. “It’s always funny to talk about this now because I’m obviously single, looking for love every day of my life over here.”

YouTube video

Needless to say, Holder seems to be on a successful streak of producing confessional songs that touch on the relatable topic of love as he continues to show fans who he is as an artist. 

“I am very thankful that I have been welcomed by the Nashville Community and Industry alike,” he says. “I am humbled every day for the continued support, and I want to keep on bringing the best I have for the people that have championed me.”

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