Snoop Dogg; Photo by Andrew Wendowski, Snoop Loopz; Courtesy of Website
Snoop Dogg; Photo by Andrew Wendowski, Snoop Loopz; Courtesy of Website

Snoop Dogg Releases New Cereal ‘Snoop Loopz’: “The Best Tasting Cereal In The Game”

Rapper Snoop Dogg has an exciting new venture.

Snoop Dogg announced he’s releasing a new cereal called, “Snoop Loopz.” Snoop Dogg will release his cereal under his Broadus Food brand, also according to the outlet. Fellow rapper Master P is the brand’s CEO.

“Broadus Foods introduces the best tasting cereal in the game Snoop loopz,” the rapper shared a reel about the cereal on Instagram, tagging @snoopdogg in the caption. “We’re taking over the grocery stores. The more we make the more we give. Berry delicious Fo Shizzle! You won’t have to go on a treasure hunt looking for marshmallows in Snoop Loopz we have more!,” he said, adding the hashtags, #GODisgood and #familybusiness. Snoop Dogg re-posted the short video to his own Instagram account shortly thereafter.

The cereal is multi-grain, gluten-free, and made in the U.S. The cereal also features character Captain Ace as the face of the brand, according to the official Snoop Loopz website. Captain Ace is described as a blue Siberian Husky who enjoys playing basketball, solving mysteries, and helping those in danger. He gets his strength from eating Snoop Loopz.

While the release date for Snoop Loopz has not yet been shared, the cereal will be available at grocery stores, Fox Business reported. Besides Snoop Loopz, Snoop Dogg also has his brand of Indoggo gin, a wine with 19 Crimes, and his Leafs By Snoop cannabis company, the outlet indicated.

The proceeds of each purchase of Snoop Loopz will support charities such as “Door Of Hope” and will help combat issues including homelessness.

“The heartbreak of homelessness can’t be solved by providing a bed for the night, a hot meal and a shower, or financial assistance alone. We address the root causes of homelessness with our holistic approach, while simultaneously keeping families together,” a statement on the official Snoop Loopz website read.

“We listen to our families, give them a voice, advocate for them, and empower our families with the tools they need to succeed. We support charities such as ‘Door of Hope’ [because] we are all on this journey together. Join Us!,” the statement added.

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