Shania Twain and Harry Styles; Photo Courtesy of Twitter
Shania Twain and Harry Styles; Photo Courtesy of Twitter

Shania Twain Wants To Duet With Harry Styles: “We Could Do A Version Of One Of Your Songs, I Love Your Music”

Harry Styles has caught the eye of one of the biggest-selling female artists in the history of country music, Shania Twain.

On the latest episode of Home Now Radio on Apple Music Hits, five-time Grammy award-winner Shania Twain revealed that she would “love to duet” with pop sensation Harry Styles one day.

Twain admitted to being a “big fan” of Styles, who seems to have mutual feelings as he incorporated her hit, ”You’re Still The One” into the sets for some of his concerts. In 2018, he brought this song to the stage in New York alongside Kacey Musgraves and previously revealed it’s one of his “favorite tracks of all time.”

“I love to sing-along with Harry Styles. (Singing). That is such a cool lyric. I Adore You. Harry and I are texting friends. Yes, I’m bragging,” Twain said during her interview on Apple Music’s Home Now Radio. “No, I’m really a big fan of Harry Styles, and he’s apparently a fan of mine as well. He likes to sing ‘You’re Still The One’, and he performs it sometimes in his show, his live show, which is really cool and a huge compliment.”

Since their friendship seems to be flourishing, as they are now in contact via text messages, the “Forever And for Always” singer has the idea to come together for a collaboration in the future. If Styles responds in approval, this duet could break the internet.

“So, thank you, Harry,” she continued, showing her support for her fellow artist, who she previously said is a “dream collaboration.” “You and I should definitely do a duet together. We could do a version of one of your songs. I love your music. We could do a version of one of my songs, or we could just write a song from scratch and go from there.”

Both of these artists are adored in their different genres by their fans. Of course, they are known for their music, but they are also known for their bold fashion sense. On his latest Love On tour, it became a popular trend to dress to the nines for the singer’s U.S. concert, that is if they could get tickets to one of his shows before they sold out. In addition to his classic suspenders, glamorous vests and wide-leg pants, Styles now has permission to incorporate a new pattern into his wardrobe, Twain’s signature leopard print.

“One thing that I think is really cool that we share is we like to wear leopard print. You look good in it. Leopard print is a Shania Twain signature print, but Harry Styles can borrow it, of course, because he’s so cute and talented. So yeah, you’ve got my permission. Go ahead. Wear it. Just don’t wear it out.”

The two of them snapped a Polaroid picture together in 2017, in which Styles earned praise on his suit from Twain when she shared the photo on social media.

On that note, Styles, it’s your move; Twain is ready to work together and bring your fan bases together whenever you are.

Shania Twain is currently in the midst of her Las Vegas residency while Harry Styles recently announced that his Love On tour will continue with shows in the UK, Europe and South America. 

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