Scotty McCreery Shares His Favorite Thing About And First Impression Of His Wife Gabi

Scotty McCreery is sharing his favorite thing about and his first impression of his wife, Gabi.

In a recent Instagram story Q&A, fans asked the superstar questions in which he answered, and some of his answers were the cutest.

When being asked what his favorite thing about Gabi is, he replied “There is a number of things that I love about Gabi, a ton of different things,” before continuing to gush over her knack for doing a little bit of “Cajun cooking.”

Another fan asked what his first impression of his wife was and says although it is “weird” that he remembers this, he remembers “thinking she had really great handwriting” and he says she “still does” have “great calligraphy, great handwriting.” He also gushed saying “She was also very cute.”

McCreery was then asked what their favorite date night is in Raleigh, North Carolina, in which he said “Angus Barn or Poole’s diner.” He says Gabi loves the “Mac & Cheese at Poole’s diner.”

During the Q&A segment, he also offered an update on his new album.

“Working on it right now, gonna go back in there next month and finish up recording hopefully and still writing songs so we’re getting there but I’m excited about,” McCreery teased. “Not sure what its gonna be called, still working on that too”

The couple first met during elementary school in kindergarten in Garner, North Carolina. McCreery and Gabi both found an interest in each other as Gabi wrote “Mrs. Gabi McCreery” with hearts in her diary at the time and McCreery loved her handwriting. The couple married in June 2018 and celebrated their second wedding anniversary in mid-June 2020.

McCreery’s latest single “You Time” is inspired by his wife Gabi, he will be performing the track on Thursday (Dec. 10) on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna. He will also be surprising a fan on the show.

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