Ronnie Radke and Fronzilla Ignite Twitter Beef Of Who Is The Better Rapper

Ronnie Radke and Attilla frontman Fronzilla have reunited their infamous Twitter beef.

On Friday (Oct. 16), The two frontman went back and forth on Twitter starting with Radke responding to an Instagram story that was made by Fronz in response to a fan’s question. The fan asked “who’s better you or Ronnie?” and Fronz replied saying “he’s a better singer. I’m a better rapper. Just being truthful.”

Radke replied to that statement with “you’re a good screamer. But you aren’t even close to me at rapping. I will end your life.”

Fronzilla quickly replied said “you don’t like honesty?” in response to Radke.

Radke responded to his Tweet saying, “This is not honesty. this is called delusion.”

“Fronzilla and I ain’t rap battling, it’s how he feels and I disagree. Get over it people,” Radke added in a Tweet before Fronz replied saying “sorry to let y’all down.”

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