Kelly Clarkson Teases Blake Shelton On His Pageant Days And His Dancing Nickname ‘Break It Down Blake’

Blake Shelton stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show on Friday, October 16 and host Kelly Clarkson asked him to recall his first-ever public performance in which he says she knew his answer prior to him answering the question.

The country superstar revealed that his mom used to enter him in pageants so that he could sing during the talent portion of the show. Clarkson went on to tease Shelton about his pageant days even joking about the nickname he was given after he started a certain style of dancing.

Read their full conversation below.

“Do you remember your first-ever performance?” asked Clarkson.

“Yeah, I don’t remember which one was first, I just have memories of doing these things. My mom would enter me into pageants, like literally pageants, so I could sing in the talent portion but then you would also have to do the evening wear,” Shelton said.

“I gotta be honest with you, I knew you were gonna answer with this and I just wanted to hear you talk about pageants,” Clarkson admitted.

“You’re such an as*hole,” Shelton said as they both laughed.

“So you did the evening wear,” Clarkson asked.

“yes, yes, yes. I did those things,” Shelton replied.

“I do remember my two specialties were, I did old time rock and roll by Bob Seger and I would do Cat Scratch Fever by Ted Nugent, which didn’t go over very well with the soccer moms in the audience because I don’t know if you ever heard that song or what it’s about but you could imagine i’d think,” Shelton said.

“Did your evening wear end up helping you win though,” Clarkson joked.

“You just want to see the pictures, do you want some pictures to have in your house?” Shelton asked.

“Is it true though that you used to be called break it down Blake?” Clarkson asked Shelton.

“Breakdance lessons, yes,” Shelton replied.

“You took breakdance lessons? This is something I didn’t know,” Clarkson added.

“When I was a kid in Ada, Oklahoma, break dancing was huge but not yet in Ada, Oklahoma. And I remember there was an ad in the newspaper or maybe a few flyers around town that this girl was gonna be coming to town and it was like a picture of her on the flyer and down in the corner it was like a little picture of Michael Jackson down there and it was like take dancing lessons from the teacher who taught Michael Jackson. And me and my Sister Endy were like ‘hey man imma do it’ ‘i’ll go if you go’ like ‘let’s go.’ So we went and my Sister may of taken more but I just took one. Break it down Blake,” Shelton explained.

“You only needed the one lesson apparently cause you said it only took one,” Clarkson said.

“I just need somebody to show me the way Kelly and I take it from there,” Shelton says.

“Was that your talent as well at the pageant’s or break dancing? I just want to keep bringing it up, I love you,” Clarkson said as she hysterically laughed as Shelton laughed turning red.

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