Kane Brown Gets Shirtless For First Time In Eight Years For Hawk Chest Tattoo By Bubba Irwin

Kane Brown has added another tattoo to his body from popular tattoo artist Bubba Irwin.

The CMT ‘Off The Road’ video clip featured CMT Music Awards rehearsal footage, behind the scenes look at his upcoming “Worship You” music video with his wife Katelyn and daughter Kingsley and also a new hawk tattoo.

“My tattoo artist is Bubba, he’s been breaking into the country scene. He does me, Jason Aldean, he just did Tyler Hubbard,” said Brown.

The Ink Master Champion tattoo artist was given the task to cover up a Batman tattoo on the country superstar’s chest with a very detailed hawk.

“This will be the hardest cover up I’ve ever done but the best one I’ve ever done you know what I mean,” said Irwin. Brown replied, “Great.”

Brown continued to say that he hasn’t taken his shirt off in front of people in over eight years cause of the “awful tattoo” that he has on his chest.

“I had this awful tattoo, it’s a long story and it’s been eight years. I never take my shirt off around anybody,” Brown added.

“Kane had to go work out for the last month before this and get a Brock Lesnar chest,” said Irwin.

“I’ve been working out you know what I mean? I want to take my shirt off instead of hiding everything,” Brown explained. “The only thing that we could decide to cover it up with, which is a hawk. I got a little bit of Cherokee in me. I’ve already got a wolf and I have a gorilla that’s got this Indian headdress on. So it’s like why not a hawk. I feel like I need a bear now.”

It is known now by Brown that chest tattoos are extremely painful, so painful that he almost cried.

“For me the chest tattoo is the most painful tattoo that I could possibly get,” Brown continued. “Usually, I can watch TV or take a shot, get the pain away this one I was literally flexing for five hours and it’s just hurting. I was almost to the point where I just wanted to just let a tear out. That’s how bad it hurt, but I stuck it out for a little bit but it’s still not finished. It’s literally gonna be my whole chest and the feathers come down onto my stomach.”

Brown was told not to work out for a bit following the tattoo to allow it to heal but Brown said that isn’t possible following comments made by Raelynn calling him fat during a party which gave him the motivation to work out more. He now has vowed to become the “most shredded guy in country music.”

Recently Irwin has inked Kane Brown and Jason Aldean at the Aldean house, which you can check out their tattoo’s HERE.

Tattoo artist Bubba Irwin previously appeared on the reality TV show, Ink Master, winning Season 9 of the competition series.

If you or someone you know are interested in getting a tattoo by Bubba Irwin, you can check out his work and reach him HERE or you can email [email protected] to book an appointment.

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