Country artist RaeLynn, whose real name is Racheal Davis, recently debuted her first-ever children’s book, Raisin’ Me A Country Girl.

Partnering with Brave Books for the July 17th release, the nostalgic book is named after the singer/songwriter’s song, inspired by her nearly two-year-old daughter Daisy. 

Book Was Inspired By Her Song “Raisin’ Me A Country Girl”

RaeLynn opened up about Raisin’ Me A Country Girl with Music Mayhem, saying she has always had a desire to write a children’s book. But, it wasn’t until she penned the song “Raisin’ Me A Country Girl” at eight months pregnant that something clicked. 

“I remember thinking, what is the last song I’m going to go out with? What’s a love letter I could write for my daughter? And, I just kept going back to the way I was raised,” RaeLynn said, noting that she first had the idea of writing a tune based on her connection with her daughter. “I grew up a little rough around the edges in a good way, and I grew up drinking from a water hose, playing outside, wearing my sundress, knocking on my neighbors’ doors, hanging out, and I think that there’s something to raising tough girls, and I was like, ‘My love letter and hope for Daisy is that she’s a sweet, fun, sassy country girl.’ So, I wrote ‘Raising Me A Country Girl,’ the song.”

Pulled A Lot Of Ideas From Her Own Childhood

RaeLynn says that as she began painting the picture of her childhood in her head, ideas began spiraling from there. 

“It’s funny because I pull a lot of my childhood and the things that I had, I had a pink Barbie Jeep, and I love to get my toes painted. I love to go to the nail salon with my mom [and] I also love going to the tire shop with my dad and I loved those aspects of life. So when I wrote the song, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! Wouldn’t this be the cutest children’s book one day?’” RaeLynn recalled.

She continued, “That’s when we had the idea to chase this and be like, ‘Okay. How do we do this? Who do we partner with?’ And we came across Brave Books, and it was a match made in heaven. I feel so lucky because it has been a dream of mine for a long time to do something like this. And, to finally knock that out and get it done, and to see the finished product and how awesome it is, it’s only the beginning. So, I’m really excited.” 

RaeLynn Raisin’ Me A Country Girl Book Cover
RaeLynn Raisin’ Me A Country Girl Book Cover

Tells The Story Of A Girl Named Daisy (Which Is Also Her Daughter’s Name)

And, just as RaeLynn describes the memories of her childhood, the pages of Raisin’ Me A Country Girl tells the story of a little girl named Daisy who also sports a sundress, drives around in a pink jeep, and gets her hands dirty while playing outside.

The main character in the story isn’t afraid to embrace her country girl roots, and she loves her beloved pet dog, Pup Pup! Unfortunately, Pup Pup ends up running away, and Daisy goes out to find him, wrangling all of her farm friends together in the process. 

Daisy is faced with various obstacles during her hunt to find her four-legged friend, and she tackles them head-on without hesitation. Upon returning home, she realizes that her new blue dress is covered in mud. 

Photo Courtesy of Raelynn
Photo Courtesy of Raelynn

Folks have to read through the story to find out the ending but note that there’s an underlying message, which encourages kids to be kids again like their parents were when playing outside and getting dirty was a regular part of their day.

Opened Up About Motherhood

RaeLynn, who says she hopes to release more children’s books, is highly focused on her role as a mother, and while she supports kids being kids, she also wants Daisy to see how hard of a work ethic her parents have. RaeLynn shares Daisy with husband of eight years, Josh Davis, and she says she and Davis have embraced the balancing act that comes with raising children. 

“I don’t see motherhood as a challenge. It’s more different. You’re juggling more, and the biggest thing I’ve found that helps me with being a working mom is finding that balance of time management,” RaeLynn shares. “I get in my work, my job, my writing certain days a week, I have helped those days, and on the other days, if you need me, my daughter’s coming with me. So, it’s that balance because when I have a full week of work, and I’m doing something every single day, it doesn’t work being away from my daughter that long.”

Raelynn, Josh Davis, Daughter Daisy; Photo Provided
Raelynn, Josh Davis, Daughter Daisy; Photo Provided

“I think there is a value in your child seeing you chase the things that you love and do what you’re called to do to – you know, for her to love the life that she lives,” she continued. “Me and Josh both work and are very hard workers. I value the fact that both of my parents worked, and I saw that because they had to both work. So, anyway, I’m excited for Daisy to be able to see that in her mom and her dad.”

Wants To Have More Children With Husband Josh Davis

A two-time ACM “New Female Vocalist” nominee, RaeLynn, who confirms “we definitely want more babies,” admitted that she thought about quitting music after giving birth because she enjoyed staying home with Daisy. 

“I was in this, they call it the newborn bubble, and it really is a bubble. It’s the most magical bubble you’ll ever be in during your life. It’s just being in love with your sweet little tiny baby,” RaeLynn said. “So, at that time, I was like, ‘I don’t know if I want to do this anymore, man. I love being at home and I want to own a farm and I want to live off the land. [I] still want to do all of that, by the way. It’s a dream of mine.’”

Raelynn and her daughter Daisy; Photo Provided
Raelynn and her daughter Daisy; Photo Provided

Nearly Quit Music To Be A Mom Full Time

The 29-year-old Texan went on to say that while she wanted to stay at home, her husband pulled her out of that thought process and reminded her of her strong passion for music and singing.  

“I was all about just taking a step back, and my husband was like, ‘That would be selfish to do that because I know that God called you to continue to do music, and you’re such a great songwriter and artist,’” she explained. “I was thankful that he wanted me to continue to chase that, but Daisy is now getting to the point where she doesn’t fully understand what mommy does, but she can walk now. She can tell me when she wants me because she will be two years old in September.” 

“We did a show when Daisy was about a year and a half, and I was on stage. I brought her up during ‘Raisin’ Me A Country Girl,’ and when Josh tried to take her from me, she was so mad. She was like, ‘I want to be up there with mommy,’” RaeLynn added. “She just stares, but she loves i [and] she loves music. It’s so crazy. You can tell at a young age she’s going to be a musical kid. If she does music, I don’t know, but as for does she love music? She already does. It’s so sweet.”

Raelynn; Photo Courtesy of Acacia Evans/Raelynn/Instagram
Raelynn; Photo Courtesy of Acacia Evans/Raelynn/Instagram

Fans can grab a copy of RaeLynn’s book at

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