Parker McCollum Buys New House With Wife Hallie, Reveals They Are Ready For Kids

“It’s knocking on my door real loud,” Parker McCollum shared, later adding, “we’re kind of [keeping our] fingers crossed, hoping this year or next one will come around.”


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Posted on May 8, 2023

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Hallie Rae Light McCollum, Parker McCollum; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Parker McCollum is ready to take his personal life to the next level, which means he’s been thinking about having kids with his beautiful wife, Hallie Rae Light. 

The country music artist, 30, who recently celebrated his 1st wedding anniversary with Hallie Rae Light McCollum, shared that the thought of growing his family has crossed his mind. So much so that becoming a dad has been “knocking on my door real loud.”

“It’s knocking on my door real loud,” the “Pretty Heart” singer/songwriter replied after he was asked the question of whether or not he and his spouse are ready for babies during an interview with Audacys Gunner and Cheyenne at Country Thunder.

“Yeah, we both are. I think so – probably her more so than me. She probably thinks about it a little bit more. I got quite a bit to keep me busy and keep my mind off of it. But it’s knocking on my door real loud,” he added.

Hallie Ray Light McCollum and Parker McCollum; Photo Courtesy of Getty Images for CMT
Hallie Ray Light McCollum and Parker McCollum; Photo Courtesy of Getty Images for CMT

But while he and the love of his life are waiting for a wee one to come around, McCollum says he is lucky he doesn’t have to feel any pressure from his mom and dad as his older sister has kids, making the elder McCollum’s already busy grandparents. 

“My older sister, she has four kids, and the oldest one’s five,” McCollum said before speaking on Hallie Rae’s parents. 

“They’re ready for one,” he shared of his in-laws. “[Hallie Rae] has two sisters, so her dad’s never had a boy. So we’re kind of [keeping our] fingers crossed, hoping this year or next one will come around.”

Recently Celebrated Their 1st Wedding Anniversary

Even though McCollum and Hallile Rae are hoping to add little ones into the mix, the Texas native noted that his schedule has been rigorous, so getting date night in with his ladylove is not always easy. The pair, who wed on March 28, 2022, did get to spend quality time together on their wedding anniversary. And, McCollum acknowledged his wife’s patients and support as he continues to do what he loves to do.  

“We just went to dinner. I’ve been so busy, bless her heart. She puts up with it real well,” Parker McCollum shared. “But we just went to dinner and kind of had a night, just us two, which is nice. We don’t get a ton of time to just, you know, a night where I’m at home, and most of the time we want to stay home because I’m never there. But it was nice to go out and have dinner and kind of do it, just us two, so that’s cool.”

Bought A New House In Texas

Speaking of being home, McCollum also shared that he recently bought a new house in his home state. 

“I haven’t told anybody that yet. Nobody knows it. I’m gonna keep my house here, but I have a house near Austin,” Parker McCollum previously told Lon Helton while co-hosting Country Countdown USA. “I’m re-doing it right now, and we’ll move in this summer. It’s on a little bit of land. But I want a bigger ranch at some point within an hour of that place.”

McCollum recently released his new song, “Tails I Lose.” The heart-wrenching track, written alongside Wade Bowen, Brad Warren, and Brett Warren, finds McCollum navigating the pain of a failed relationship. 

Nothin’s gonna change your mind / Nothin’s gonna change my love / Might as well toss this last dance /Jukebox quarter up / I’ve done everything I can / It don’t matter where it lands / Ain’t a damn thing I can do / It’s heads you win, tails I lose,” he sings throughout the heartbreaking chorus of the song. 

YouTube video

New Album, Never Enough

“Tails I Lose” will appear on McCollum’s forthcoming second studio album, Never Enough. Other previously-released tracks on the upcoming 12-song project include “Handle On You,” “Stoned,” “I Ain’t Going Nowhere,” and “Speed.” Never Enough is due out Friday (May 12). 

Parker McCollum's 'Never Enough' Album Art
Parker McCollum’s ‘Never Enough’ Album Art

Additionally, Parker McCollum recently scored his third consecutive No. 1 hit with his single “Handle On You.” The song tops the Mediabase/Country Aircheck chart.

“Thank y’all for making ‘Handle On You’ my third #1,” McCollum shared via a press release. “Releasing a new album with a #1 already on it is really special and I’m glad Country radio digs it. Thank you to my fans and thank you Country Radio!”

For additional information on Parker McCollum’s forthcoming new album, Never Enough, visit his official website HERE.

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