Niko Moon and his wife Anna Moon are expecting their first child, Lily Anne Moon. Their pregnancy announcement also included a teaser of a new song they wrote together that was inspired by the love they instantly felt for their daughter when they saw those two pink lines.

Moon caught up with Music Mayhem just a few hours ahead of his set at Windy City Smokeout to share some details surrounding this new chapter of his life. “I’m just so relieved to finally get the secret out,” he shared.

The announcement was exclusively released via PEOPLE with elegant photos showcasing the Moons dressed in casual white attire as they both laid their hands over Anna’s pregnant belly. The caption on social media revealed that their daughter will be welcomed into the world this November. 

“She’s so pregnant right now. We couldn’t keep the secret anymore even if we wanted to,” Moon joked. “Our family has known and people close to us have known for a minute. It’s so amazing to share it with everyone. We’ve wanted a family for a long time and it’s been a long process to get here, but we’re just so grateful to be able to be parents.”

The lovebirds opened up about their journey with IVF [in-vitro fertilization] that began back in 2020. Earlier this year, when they were finally given the all-clear to take an at-home test, Moon recalled seeing the positive result almost instantly. Amid all the excitement, Anna pulled out her phone and captured some of Moon’s initial feelings. 

“We were the ultimate cliché,” he told Music Mayhem. “Tears were blowing up and she grabs her phones, pulls out her camera. I don’t even know how her brain went there in this moment, but she said, ‘say something to the baby’ and in that moment, I just started talking to our baby. I was like, ‘Hey, we just found out you’re about to come into our lives. We are so excited to meet you.’ At the very end of it, I just said, ‘I can’t wait to love you.’”

Hearing her husband say the words, “I Can’t Wait To Love You,” a lightbulb went off for Anna shortly after. She realized that without even intending to, they had just written the title to a new song. 

“It’s a very specific moment in life for someone. You’re falling in love with someone you’ve never met. I was like, let’s write a song about that. So we’re very excited to share it with everyone. I can’t wait,” Moon gushed. 

These lyrics will hit close to home for not only Moon, but anyone else who has been in their shoes. Plus, getting to write it with Anna made it all the more special. The “Good Time” singer has written a number of songs that were inspired by his family because to him, family is more important than anything. 

“When I write songs, even though we write ’em together, if we’re writing a love song, me and my wife, then it becomes very close to me. I got a song for my father called ‘Without Sayin A Word’ that’s also really close to me, and then this one.”

Their daughter’s name, Lily Anne, was chosen as a result of their passion for songwriting and their love for their family. Moon explained that her first name comes from the beautiful flower that they both appreciate. Anne is a name that runs in the family as both his mom and his mother-in-law have the same middle name so it made sense to carry it over to their little girl as well. 

Combined, her full name rolls off the tongue in a way that Moon and his wife can appreciate as songwriters.

“We’re really into phonics and the way words sound, it’s a really round word. There’s not a lot of percussion in it,” he explained. “From a songwriter’s perspective, it’s really soft sounding and mouth sounds are real important to songwriters. We’re weird like that because we’re songwriters. We wanted it to sound very natural.”

Just before his daughter’s due date, Moon will hit the road for his headlining Coastin’ tour that will kick off on September 30 in Cincinnati, OH with special guest Dylan Schneider. This stint of shows shares the title with his latest EP that represents the peace he finds from being on the water.

“It doesn’t really matter what kind of water it is, the river, the lake, the ocean, every time I just get close to a body of water, there’s a feeling to it. It’s where I hit the reset button in my brain and everything’s all right again. I wanted the ‘Coastin” song and the Coastin’ EP to be like a vacation where you can just put it on and it takes you to paradise for a moment.”

Before taking the stage in Chicago, Moon revealed a few of his pre-show rituals that allow him to feel fully prepared to belt out his breezy lyrics. 

“I use a coffee straw to warm up, a really skinny straw. Basically, I do a normal warm-up like everybody does, but when you do it through a coffee straw, it pushes most of the hair back into your throat and it relaxes your vocal cords. It helps you to warm up a lot easier. So it’s a little singer’s tip that I like to use.”

Then, he listens to an audio tape recorded by vocal coach Jan Smith who is also a Georgia native. 

“She’s one of the greatest vocal coaches out there. So I’ll put her on my headphones and go through this 30 minute ritual every day before the show where I go through these scales with my coffee straw.

He finishes off with a room temperature drink and he’s ready to go. 

Niko Moon’s next performances are scheduled for August 12 and August 16 in Ohio. 

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